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The Japanese government has a problem. The Japanese public does not drink enough alcohol.

To reverse this alarming trend, the Japanese government has launched a campaign asking for ideas to get people to drink more.

Pandemic hits alcohol income

according to The Japan Times Liquor tax revenue for fiscal year 2020 fell by ¥110 billion (S$1.13 billion) year-on-year, Aug. 2.

“Both the extent and the rate of decrease have decreased significantly for the first time in 31 years due to the impact of the major revision of the Liquor Tax Law in 1989.” The Japan Times Said.

The Covid-19 pandemic was cited as a factor as people stayed indoors and visits to restaurants serving alcoholic beverages slowly slowed down.

But people’s habits may have been permanently changed by the pandemic, leading to more people working from home, according to an official at Japan’s National Tax Agency.

“Many may have begun to wonder whether it is necessary to continue the habit of drinking with colleagues in order to communicate better… If the ‘new normal’ takes hold, it will be tax revenue. It will be a further headwind for

drink more campaign

To combat this, the agency runs Sake Viva! A campaign to encourage more people, especially young people, to drink.

according to Guardian, The campaign runs until September 9th and calls for new products and designs as well as ways to promote home drinking.

The competition finalists were invited to a gala award ceremony in Tokyo on November 10, and the tax office said it would support the commercialization of ideas from the winners. ”

However, Japan’s health ministry said it also hopes the campaign will remind the public to drink only the right amount.

Top image by Kris Sevinc on Unsplash.

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