Jason Azopardi’s problem has been “closed”, but Bernard Grec says he will not ignore what former MPs said.

Semira Abbas Sharan

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 14:24
Last updated: about 59 minutes ago

The blunder surrounding former PNMP Jason Azopardi was declared “closed” by Bernard Grec. However, the PN leader said he would not ignore what the former lawmaker had to say in the future, despite resigning from the party.

Gretsch was asked by Malta independence Fennec fox on Wednesday about a rift with Azzopardi who responded to the party leader’s remarks claiming that the PN leader had made a donation in exchange for the presidential amnesty of the alleged mastermind of the murder of Daphne Karooana Galicia.

The rift eventually led to Azzopardi being summoned to the Party Ethics Board for evidence. However, a former parliamentarian who lost a seat in parliament in the March general election resigned from the party before resigning, and the party then said it unanimously believed in Gretsch’s leadership.

Talking to journalists, when Gretsch again denied discussing amnesty “for anyone and anyone” and was asked if Azzopardi had raised his concerns and claims before the general election. I answered negatively.

“My denial is obvious and obvious and it’s very calm. I knew he couldn’t bring proof of this because it didn’t happen, but I still told him of the rule of law within the party. Given that he should obey the rule, he gave him the opportunity to go and make before the Institutional Review Board. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. For me, the situation is closed there, “he replied. Malta independence.

From this newsroom asked if the resignation from the party at Azzopardi meant ignoring everything Gretsch wrote, because Gretsch respects everyone and their opinions. Said not to ignore. .. “

“I can’t ignore what is said in the future because I don’t know what it is because Jason Azopardi says something of interest and it may contribute to the party,” he said. rice field.

In response to other questions, Gretsch said that, as far as he knows, the party did not accept donations from the Fenek family as long as he was a PN leader.

He said political party funding needs to be reformed to make politics more transparent and to remove the “shadow” of suspicion that donations from individuals and businesses may cast on the work of all parties. ..

Asked if he was considering closing the party’s media house to manage PN’s growing debt. EuropeanGretsch said there were 32 million people and this wasn’t what he wanted to do. In particular, the state broadcaster PBS is “led by the Labor Party.”

“But we need to think about creative ways to rebuild the party’s media house so that we can continue to do so while cutting costs,” he said.

The Labor Media House asked if he considers his only interest in challenging PN’s leadership post to be negative for his leadership. In my leadership and the sign that no one thinks they did better. “ Jason Azopardi’s problem has been “closed”, but Bernard Grec says he will not ignore what former MPs said.

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