JCB Supports Fireworks at Star Island Event in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Nov 26 (ANI): After being canceled for the past three years due to Covid-19, Singapore’s countdown event ‘Star Island’ is back in 2022 with great success.

Japanese company JCB supports this event and the world is looking forward to this event, especially the New Year celebrations.

“The purpose of holding this event is first and foremost to boost travel recovery from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines like ASEAN countries and of course Japan. Due to the impact of the expansion, the number of customers and the number of tourists from overseas have decreased dramatically, but we can appeal and contribute to customers from countries where JCB cards are issued by utilizing this event and promotion. .Inbound tourism in Singapore and doing business in Singapore is one of the company’s key missions, and the second is that we want to increase our presence in the market.Of course, our mission is , to enable customers to use JCB cards. It is very important to create partnerships and merchants that understand JCB, and it is very important to bring the environment closer to our vision. said Naoya Nagata, Officer of JCB International Asia Pacific.

The “Star Island” event is produced by the entertainment company “Avex Asia”. Star Island is a futuristic fireworks entertainment show. What makes it special is that it features the handcrafted Japanese HANABI, which has a history of over 160 years. There are also added exciting show elements of , and Pyro. And all of them are synced to an estimated 80-minute soundtrack. The first is what we call a gradient shell.A special kind of fireworks that blooms in the sky.The national colors of red and white.And the second is Japan’s prestigious fireworks festival. It’s an award-winning fireworks display. If you can, buy your tickets for the show on the Marina Bay float for the best views,” said Avex’s Asia Kit His Ten.

JCB is determined to contribute to the development of global tourism, especially after the revival of the global tourism industry after the pandemic ceased.(Ani) JCB Supports Fireworks at Star Island Event in Singapore

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