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Nicaragua, Managua-Bahama’s senior men’s soccer team is located in Nicaragua and was scheduled to face the Nicaragua team in the final round of the first match of CONCACAF (Concacaf of North and Central America) in 2022/2023. ) Last night’s Nations League match. Results were not available until press time.

Team head coach Nessley Jean said the team’s list was a bit different, but when he entered the match he showed confidence in the country’s leading players. The match took place at the Nicaragua National Soccer Stadium, the capital of Nicaragua.

The Bahamas lost to Nicaragua 2-0 at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium in Homefield. Jean didn’t have three of his starters from the team who traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for a trip to Nicaragua last week, but he had a strong belief in the team.

“You must always have the same idea and the same goal of going ahead and trying to win each match. It hasn’t changed. Our goal is always to play in the match and be the best possible. It’s about performing and winning, “Jean said.

He added that he is proud of the players and their performance in the last three games in the last 10 days. In the first two games, the Bahamas defeated St. Vincent and the Grenadines 1-0 and lost to Trinidad and Tobago 1-0. After that, he lost to Nicaragua 2-0. In that last game, Jean said he needed to change his game plan.

The Bahamas heading to Nicaragua lost their starters against Trinidad and Tobago last week: Omari Bain, Quinton Carrie and Julio Jemison. Jean had to make up for Winger’s Marcel Joseph, who was suspended due to receiving his second yellow card on Friday.

“For the three or four guys we usually started out and couldn’t travel, that’s a big blow to the team,” said Jean. “I’m still happy with the team we brought in. I was confident. It was up to them to get what the coach wanted before the match,” said Jean.

He added that the absence of key players prompted coaching staff to change their game plans.

“Each player has a different style of play. We need to play with the power of the players and put them together so that we can actually play as a team,” Jean said. “In a way, it hurt the team a bit, but at the same time, the players we’re here have a good understanding of what we want to do,” he added.

It’s hard to play away from Nicaragua, and it’s a hard order to play them at home in front of their fans. Jean told the team what he expected, especially the hostility from the fans. He said the key is to enjoy the game and stick to the game plan.

“It’s top-level, and it makes no difference to understand that they all represent their country,” Jean said. “It’s a difficult situation. It’s a learning experience for them too, but it has to come from their hearts. They have a drive. Older people need to push younger people. It helps a lot. Probably. “

Entering last night’s match, the Bahamas haven’t scored a goal since the first match of this window against St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Jean told the team that he needed to take the risk and put pressure on his opponent to score. Jean showed confidence that his team would be in a key match – Nassau Guardian

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