Jeff Koons sells his art to provide assistance to Ukraine

For property sold to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, especially for prosthesis, medical treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainians injured in the war.

Balloon Monkey (Magenta)

Jeff Koons Statement:

I am very honored to have the artwork Balloon Monkey (Magenta) It was auctioned at Christys London through the generous donations of Victor and Olena Pinchuk to create humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people. Victor and Olena Pinchuk have been working tirelessly to support Ukraine. Therefore, I am honored to be able to use my work in an extraordinary effort to raise significant funding to support the Ukrainian people. The true value of art is to serve humanity, and at this time there can be no more call than to support the Ukrainian people.

Through the friendship between Victor and Olena Pinchuk, my life was enriched by the Ukrainian people and their culture.I had the opportunity to visit Ukraine many times with myself and my family And I’ve always felt a strong sense of community, friendship, and history.My series Balloon venus The sculpture interacts with the prehistoric Venus figurine I saw in the collection of the Ukrainian National Museum of History. For me, sculpture is about the connection between human history and art that spans human history.

One of the reasons I’ve always dealt with balloons is that the membrane is a reference to our skin. It’s about both inner and outer life. Balloon Monkey (Magenta) As it symbolizes hope, affirmation, and transcendence, it is very appropriate for me to engage in this effort to support the Ukrainian people in this history.

I am very sad about the war and destruction I saw affecting the Ukrainian people and their culture. I hope that my artwork donations by Victor and Olena Pinchuk will help draw attention to the need for assistance and support. Ukrainian people, more than ever.

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