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Jewish convict on death row claiming anti-Semitic judge wins new trial

A Jewish man who demanded a new trial because the judge who sentenced him to death is anti-Semitic will be given a new trial.

Randy Halpurin, 44, was originally scheduled to be executed on October 10, 2019, but claimed that the judge who presided over the 2003 murder trial had a prejudice against the Jews. Anti-Semitic slurs such as “f-in’Jew” and “k-ke”.

The stay sent Halprin’s proceedings back to Dallas County, where Judge Rera Lawrence Maze heard Halprin’s allegations in June, and this week decision Give Halprin a new trial.

“Judge Vickers Cunningham had an anti-Semitic prejudice against Halprin, which violated Halprin’s constitutional right to trial in the protection of fair trial equality and the free exercise of religion.” Maze wrote in her decision.

Halprin was sentenced to 30 years in prison for harming his child when he and six other prisoners tried to escape from prison. Police officers were killed during the attempt, and each member of the group, known as “Texas 7”, was sentenced to death. Halprin claimed in his trial that he never fired his gun.

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The judge who presided over the original case, Vickers β€œVic” Cunningham, has been accused of using several anti-Semitic and racist slurs. Dallas Morning News, Established a trust fund for his children, provided they marry a white Christian of the opposite sex. Court documents quoted Cunningham’s childhood friend, who said he was “specially proud” of having sentenced Texas 7 to death “because it contained Latin Americans and Jews.”
Several Jewish groups were involved in Halprin’s case In recent years he has called for a new trial. The American Jewish Committee, the Central Conference of American Rabbi, the Union for Reform Judaism, and the Union for Reform Judaism are among those who have submitted joint Amikas briefs in support of Harpurin’s 2019 appeal, 100 in Texas. Signed by the above Jewish lawyers.

Brief argued that the appeal was not about Halprin’s guilt, but about Cunningham’s anti-Semitism.

“”[T]The issue of guilt and punishment follows a fair trial, so the issue of Horse is irrelevant. They don’t precede it, “it said. “And if Judge Cunningham is the prejudice stated in the application, a fair trial has not yet taken place.”

https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/texas-jewish-death-row-inmate-who-argued-judge-was-antisemitic-wins-new-trial-681953 Jewish convict on death row claiming anti-Semitic judge wins new trial

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