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Jharkhand passes lynching bill, criminals could be imprisoned for life

lunch: On Tuesday, the Jerkand parliament passed a bill to prevent violence and lynching of mobs in the justice and notorious state of vigilantism, and the proposed law provided for penalties ranging from three years in prison to life imprisonment.

The Mob Violence Prevention and Mob Lynch Bill, 2021, was passed by voice vote despite opposition from the BJP.

Jharkhand is the third state in the country to pass such a law, after West Bengal and Rajasthan.

The bill envisages a life imprisonment of three years in prison for those convicted of mob violence and Lynch, in addition to fines and property attachments. Those who are responsible for sharing information in an irresponsible manner will also be punished.

It offers up to three years of fines and imprisonment for those who create a “hostile environment”. The definition includes intimidating or forcing victims, their families, witnesses, or those who support them. It also envisions financial compensation for victims’ families and free medical care for victims of mob violence and mob lynching.

The bill will be sent to the Governor for his consent.

After submitting the bill to the House of Representatives, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alam Gil Alam said its main purpose was to provide people with “effective security,” protect their constitutional rights, and prevent mob violence. Stated.

During the bill debate, the major opposition BJP introduced some amendments rejected by voice votes.

BJP leader CP Singh has accused the state government of submitting a bill “in a hurry to appease the minority.”

There have been many mob violence incidents in the state, but in 2019, the lynching of 24-year-old Tabres Ansari tied him to a utility pole as a crazy crowd beat him in the Seleikila Casawan district. The video showed that it was, causing national anger. Suspected theft on June 17th. He kept begging for his life in vain. Ansari died five days later at Jamshedpur Hospital.

There have also been countless cases of mob lynching of suspected practitioners of witchcraft in tribal states.

Prime Minister Hemant Soren condemned the mob violence and promised to legislate it prior to the 2019 state legislature elections.

Earlier this year, the Jharkhand Muktimorcha-led government decided to set up a district-level committee to deal with cases of mob violence and assault after being accused by the High Court.

https://www.siasat.com/jharkhand-passes-anti-lynching-bill-culprits-may-be-jailed-for-life-2245955/ Jharkhand passes lynching bill, criminals could be imprisoned for life

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