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Jitan Jalishley’s “Sand Tomb” will be the first International Booker Prize-winning Hindi novel

New Delhi — Jitanjarishuri became the first Indian writer to win the International Booker Prize.

Her novel “Sand Tomb” tells the story of a clan behind an Indian partition, following an 80-year-old woman after her husband’s death. The novel was originally published as “Ret Samadhi”.

The Tomb of Sand was the first book originally written in the Indian language and won the International Booker Prize. Also, the first novel translated from Hindi was recognized for this award.

It was also the first Hindi book to be the finalist for a £ 50,000 prize.

“I never dreamed of Booker, and I never thought I could,” Shree said. “What a big recognition. I was surprised, delighted, honored and humble.”

In her acceptance speech quoted by the Indian Pretrust, she said she was pleased to be the first author to win this award in Hindi.

“Behind me, and this book has a rich and prosperous literary tradition in Hindi and other South Asian languages. World Literature is to find out some of the best writers in these languages. Will be richer, “she said.

Jury Chairman Frank Win said the panel was “fascinated by the power, heartfelt and playfulness” of her novel.

“This is a glorious novel of India and Partition, but its fascinating Brio and intense compassion weave youth and age, men and women, families and nations into a kaleidoscopic whole,” he said. ..

He added that he had never read such a thing and that its “liveliness” and “passion” have become a “now possible world” book.

The prize will be distributed between Shree and the US-based Daisy Rockwell, the translator of the book.

The International Booker Prize is awarded annually for books translated into English and published in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Shree’s 725-page novel competed with five other finalists by Mieko Kawakami, Borachon, Jon Fosse, Claudia Pineiro, and former winner Olga Tokarczuk.

Born in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, Shree, 64, is the author of a collection of three novels and several stories. The Sand Tomb is the first of her books published in the United Kingdom.

Published in Hindi in 2018 under the title Ret Samadhi, it follows Ma’s transformational journey, which was depressed after her husband’s death. Then she decides to travel to Pakistan and she faces trauma that remains unresolved as she was a teenager who survived the partition.

“Once you have a border with a woman, the story can be written in itself. A woman alone is enough. A woman is a story in itself, full of agitation and whispers in the wind, and bends every leaf of the grass. “Shree writes on the first page of the novel.

In an interview with the BBC, Shree said the novel tells a universal human story, regardless of cultural background.

“There are many stories in this book … but it’s also the story of an old woman who gradually rose from her deathbed to reinvent her life,” she said. rice field.

The Tomb of Sand is acclaimed in Shree’s home country. “The novel is a surprisingly powerful story about an endless story,” said the Hindu newspaper.

“Human history, literature, art, thoughts, and politics have all helped in this story that tells itself, and it seems that Ms. Shree is playing wordplay for wordplay. Often, her deviations, in addition to that, are, after all, nothing self-satisfaction or irrelevant. “

Rockwell states that due to the “experimental nature” and “use of her unique language” of Shree’s work, the sand tomb is one of the most difficult works she has ever translated. I did. But she added that her experience was also “very fun” and “released”. -agency

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/621041/Life/Art-/Geetanjali-Shrees-Tomb-of-Sand-becomes-first-Hindi-novel-to-win-International-Booker-Prize?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Jitan Jalishley’s “Sand Tomb” will be the first International Booker Prize-winning Hindi novel

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