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Jizan Governor Opens Agricultural Marketing Service Center in Region

Jazan — Jazan Governor Prince Mohammed bin Nasser inaugurated the regional agricultural marketing service center Saturday at the Emirati Court in the presence of the director general of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. Muhammad bin Ali Al-Atif.

Prince Muhammad listened to a brief explanation from Eng. Al-Atif and the President of the Vision Association Abdulaziz Al-Enezi explained the objectives of the Agricultural Marketing Service Center in the region, the role assigned to it, the quality services provided and the set of facilities Vision Association will implement. Farmers from different prefectures in the region, according to the activity.

The mayor of the region acknowledges the qualitative efforts undertaken by the regional Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture chapters to serve farmers through specialized rehabilitation programs and effective partnerships and to assist them in creating a suitable environment. praised the

This will help them use modern best practices in preserving their produce and providing access to them throughout the year. The importance of investing in local comparative advantages and developing agricultural practices to ensure access to sustainable agricultural development was also mentioned.

Prince Mohammed announced the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Vision Association for Agriculture Marketing, represented by Al-Enizi, and its owner, Shahzad Zafar Allah, “the association’s strategic partner,” World Star Agriculture Company. I was present at the signing. Manage and operate regional agricultural marketing service centers and provide all necessary services and logistics.

Prince Mohammed also witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Agricultural Marketing Association’s Cooperative Vision and the Saudi Lulu Hypermarket Company, headed by Director Chehim. The deal will see LuLu Hypermarket purchase products from the Agricultural Marketing Service Center (“Banana-Papaya-Mango”) and extend the contract for five years to support initiatives to improve the quality of seasonal products in the Jizan region. . —SG

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