Jizzy Malacek Romantic Piano

Jizy Malásek | Photo: Vlasta Gronská, Romantický klavír Jiřího Maláska/ČT

Jizzy Malasek originally studied to be a lawyer, but has devoted his life to music. He began his career as an amateur musician and continued to perform solo as his pianist in Karel’s Flach Orchestra.

From 1955, he worked as a music programmer for Czechoslovak Television and Czechoslovak Radio, as well as editor-in-chief of the music publisher Pantone.

Jizzy Malasek received numerous awards and accolades throughout his life, but died at the young age of 56.

Photo: Supraphone

Five years ago, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, famous musician and composer son Petr Malasek put together a three-part CD collection entitled Jizy Malasek – The Golden Collection. .

The first two albums contain instrumental solo recordings of popular international hits and Czech hits. The third album features Malacek as author and co-writer.

It opens with a song about jasmine, “The Jasmine Song” performed by Hana Hegerova, but also six evergreens from the 1964 cult Czech musical “Starchy na Humel” or “The Hop Pickers” It contains.

Videos by Jiri Marasek [Best Collection 01] Jizzy Malacek Romantic Piano

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