Johannis on Schengen: Decision could be postponed if no certainty by 8 December

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President Klaus Iohannis said Wednesday night in Riga that if certainty of a vote in favor of Romania’s accession to Schengen is not obtained until the Judiciary and Interior Council on December 8, the decision could be postponed for a month or two. said to be sexual.

I thought December 8th was given as the final deadline, but that’s not the case. December 8th is the first possibility that we can discuss this issue and our concern is that Romania’s accession to the Schengen Agreement will be clear when the vote is taken. It doesn’t help anyone to force votes that may not be what was expected. This is for the date December 8th. Romania is more likely. Acceptance in the Schengen area is quite possible, but as I said before, there is no guarantee. There are EU member states who still have doubts about us and the Schengen system itself. ” The Romanian president said after meeting with his Latvian counterpart Egils Levits:

He stressed that Romania is ready and willing to provide answers to countries that still have questions regarding their response to the Schengen Agreement.

These are legitimate questions and we are ready to provide answers. Just as you can say for example to your Dutch friend that the CVM has been lifted and this barrier no longer exists. There are two sets of professionals that we have found to be well-prepared for. This is for my Austrian friend. For the questions coming from Sweden, mainly regarding police cooperation, I can tell you that we are not only mentally prepared, but also manpower-wise. Some programs have had good results so far. We are happy to expand them.We not only say that the Schengen area will be safer if Romania joins, we will prove it and will continue to do so.said Iohannis.

He also said it would be desirable to have all these questions answered and an agreement reached by the time of the JHA council.

“This is the version we want, this is the version proposed by the presidency of the Federal Council currently held by the Czech Republic, but if certainty cannot be ensured for various reasons, it is very likely that I want to be clear: until all questions have clear and correct answers and everyone is convinced that not only are we not vulnerable, but that we will be a real asset, this decision will be taken from 1 to It’s possible to postpone for two months.Schengen area.To complete what I said, some ask us questions, others question the Schengen area itself. We operate according to rules established years ago.The world has changed.We know this too and we need to improve certain approaches, certain procedures.We are part of this process. We are now part of the process of improving the Schengen area and obviously if we become part of it we will continue these steps but the Schengen area is not perfect The argument that Romania and other countries must stay outside if thePresident Iohannis, who will make an official visit to Latvia on Wednesday, concluded: Johannis on Schengen: Decision could be postponed if no certainty by 8 December

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