John Curtiss abortion stance questioned in a secret video on the far right

Far-right investigative journalism agency seized members of the Republican campaign and said Curtis was “silent” about his belief in maintaining the vote, so Utah Parliamentarian John Curtis’ state abortion ” The attitude toward the “trigger method” was questioned.

However, Curtis’s campaign claims that his opponents are behind the group that is aiming for his campaign.

Abortion Prohibition “Trigger Law”

If the US Supreme Court overturns the Roe v. Wade case, Utah’s Trigger Act will come into force.

SB174 bans abortion in most casesHowever, if the mother’s life is at stake, if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or if two doctors practicing “maternal-fetal medicine” can uniformly diagnose the fetus. Exceptions are allowed if it is determined that there is a severe defect. Ultimately it’s deadly.

The Project Veritas Report Disseminated on social media — shows a conversation between a masked reporter disguised as a volunteer for the campaign and Daniel Stevens, the field director of Curtis’ campaign at Provo.

Founded by activist James O’Keefe, Project Veritas has been accused of using seemingly edited videos and sting operations in the past in an attempt to trap or embarrass politicians and media organizations.The Washington Post won 2018 Pulitzer Prize For Publish a group attempt to trick a post I will write about fake victims. This is counted in other examples of group history that used deception and out-of-context citations to support right-wing causes.

Republican Curtis will be reelected in the Third Parliamentary District of Utah and is opposed in the GOP primary by Chris Herrod.

according to Stevens LinkedIn ProfileHe has been working on the Curtis campaign since January.

“He doesn’t like the trigger method. He came out and didn’t mention it, that’s the problem,” Stevens says of Curtis in the video.

When asked by a secret reporter why Curtis wasn’t against the Trigger Act, Stevens said: Conservative establishment. “

The five-minute video was shot from a low angle, and Stevens’ face is slightly obscured by the light from the rear window.

Curtis denies the claim

On Wednesday, after the video was released, the Curtis campaign sent a statement from Curtis released last month, expressing disappointment with the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on the Roe v. Wade case, saying, “A ruling overturning the Roe v. Wade case. Welcomed. “”

“Assuming the final ruling is in line with this draft, I find the reason for the celebration. As someone who has lived for 50 years in the Roe v. Wade case, I have fetal suffering and an unspoken cry. I can’t imagine the whole thing. During this period. “

He added that he and his wife “mourn the loss of their unrealized contribution to our world, not just the fetus.”

In a statement, Curtis “welcomes the ruling that overturns the Roe v. Wade case and welcomes lawmakers at all levels of government to pass bills that are in line with their values.

In a statement, his campaign spokeswoman Adriel Herring claimed that Curtis’ voting record was “consistently conservative,” and she was “much more pro-life.”

She added that Utah’s Trigger Act is “in line” with Curtis’ values, “he believes the provisions are appropriate for sustaining life.”

Herring further accused Herrod of “flying to Washington, DC and recruiting fraudulent organizations to teach him how to come to Utah and vote for Utah,” and asked him to “stop bringing swamps to Utah.” is. She showed that Herrod had won her third seat against Curtis this year.

When asked why she believed Herrod had contacted Project Veritas, she said she noticed that Herrod posted the video online “as soon as (ProjectVeritas) posted on Instagram.” She said he posted the video before the group posted the video on all social media channels. With this, she believes there was an “adjustment”.

Herring and another Curtis spokesman did not answer questions about Stevens’ status in the campaign.

When asked for comment, Herod said neither he nor anyone in his campaign had spoken to anyone at Project Veritas “as far as I know”.

“Unfortunately, this is what John Curtiss and his campaign usually do when they get caught without telling the truth. He does it over and over again. Instead of taking responsibility, he takes others. I blame and play the victim, “Herod said.

He pointed out two cases in which he said Curtis’ words did not match his actions.

Campaign worker resigns after video

When asked how Curtis maintains his image, Stevens says in the video, “He remains quiet.”

Campaign workers continue to say that Curtis switched parties shortly before the 2017 election to run for Republican.

Curtis actually reports Re-registered as a Republican in 2006.. Former Pro Bono mayor Curtis said he switched his party in 2000 and ran for the State Senate as a Democrat to counter “one-party rule.” Curtis also chaired the Democratic Party of Utah County for a year from 2002 to 2003.

When asked why Curtis switched parties, Stevens said Curtis “seen that becoming a Democrat in Utah Valley, or Utah County, was ineffective.” “We don’t intend to do any research and want it to be easy,” Stevens said.

Several times in the video, the undercover reporter said, “Utah people are really aware of his policy if he is a registered Republican so that he can use it to manipulate and win. Do you think? ”And other major questions.

“I want to say that in my idealistic part, but I know, no,” Stevens says in the video.

Stevens later shared his personal opinion on the triggering method, calling it “restrictive.”

“I don’t think it solves the problem. I think you’ll come across more unhealthy and marginalized communities with unproductive care,” he said.

Stevens added that Curtis “doesn’t like the trigger method,” but when asked if Curtis said so, Stevens said he didn’t.

“I usually don’t share this with people,” Stevens says at some point during the recording.

In a news release, Project Veritas later stated that he had shown the video directly to Stevens at Provo. In the video of that interaction Between O’Keefe and Stephens, the founders of Project Veritas, Stephens states that the original video is “totally out of context.”

He also criticizes Project Veritas’ method of dispatching journalists disguised as volunteers and the main questions asked by journalists. Stevens also questions why Project Veritas didn’t include part of the video showing praise for Curtis’ work in Congress.

“I’m 24 years old working in a campaign and I’m sure the field director, the person signing it, the person in charge of the campaign, the grassroots efforts are working. You’re thinking of my comments. That’s exactly what politicians believe. “

But after the original video clip was displayed, Stevens said: myself. “

Stevens called the campaign manager and offered to resign in a video. According to the video, campaign manager Herring told O’keeffe that Stevens wasn’t a spokesperson for the campaign, but he refused to speak directly to O’keeffe.

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