John Travolta conveys an emotional message to his late wife Kelly Preston on her birthday

John travolta I wrote a moving message to my deceased wife, happy birthday.

Actor, 67 years old Instagram To share his tragic post about what would have been Kelly Preston’s 58th birthday on Wednesday.

Jerry Magwire Star died in July 2020 after a two-year fight against breast cancer.

John and Kelly have been married for 29 years after meeting on an expert screen test. The pair had three children: his son Jet, his daughter Ella Brue, and his second son Benjamin.

Grease Star posted a sweet photo of the actress at the Cannes Film Festival. She smiled and waved on the red carpet. He wrote with it: “Happy Birthday Kelly. We miss you.”

Daughter Ella shared a comment on the post, leaving only three love heart emojis.

John Travolta died in 2020 after marrying Kelly Preston for 29 years.

She posted a personal compliment on her Instagram page and shared an image of her mother’s reflection with the caption.

John recently appeared on Kevin Hart’s talk show Heart to heart He told comedians that after Kelly’s death, he needed to discuss mortality with his 10-year-old child Ben.

The Pulp Fiction star admitted that his son had touched on the subject in a previous conversation and was very honest about his feelings.

The star told his fellow actor: “[Ben] I once told me, “I’m worried that you’re going because my mom died.”

John pointed out the difference with Kelly and tried to explain the situation to his son.

“I said,’Well, that’s a very different thing,’ and I experienced the difference between my longevity and her limited life,” he continued.

Then he said to his son: ‘

Kelly preston
Kelly Preston died in 2020 after two years of fighting cancer

In 2009, John and Kelly’s eldest son died tragically during their vacation in the Bahamas.

Jet with autism had a seizure when his family fled to the Bahamas during the New Year holidays.

He had a history of seizures, fell in the bathroom, hit his head, and was later declared dead in the hospital.

He was just 16 years old when he died.

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