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Johnson puts an end to COVID restrictions

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said yesterday that most of the restrictions placed to fight the latest wave of the COVID pandemic in the UK will be lifted from next week. Johnson told Congress that people wouldn’t have to wear masks in closed areas, work from home, and prove vaccinations to enter public places such as nightclubs.

“Thanks to the extraordinary booster campaign … we can go back to Plan A in England and revoke Plan B’s regulations,” said Johnson. Last month, the United Kingdom switched to “Plan B” to address what Johnson called the “tsunami” of the possible infection from the Omicron mutant.

But he had to fight his party to amend the law, as a conservative colleague called the limit too far away to curb public freedom. The relaxation of restrictions has been seen as a concession to critics angry at the exposure that he and his staff broke the COVID blockade rule by having a party in Downing Street.

Johnson told the MP: “There are some places, such as elementary schools, where cases can continue to grow, but our scientists believe that Omicron waves are likely to have peaked nationwide,” Johnson said. The junior high school student said that he would no longer need to wear a face mask from today, and requested that the self-isolation rules be reviewed from March 24th.

Pandemic “not over”

After the emergence of the Omicron variant, the daily number of COVID cases in the United Kingdom exceeded the record 200,000 infections in early January, but is now down to less than half. “As the COVID epidemic, we need to replace legal requirements with advice and guidance to encourage people infected with the virus to pay attention to and be considerate of others,” Johnson said. increase.

However, Johnson said there was still great pressure on the “national” state-owned National Health Service and recommended boosters to people. “We know that about 90% of people in the intensive care unit aren’t boosted,” Johnson said, claiming that “the pandemic isn’t over.”

“Omicron is not a mild illness for anyone, especially if not vaccinated.” The latest government figures on Tuesday recorded 438 deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID test, 2020. Since the beginning of the year, the total number of casualties has exceeded 152,500.

Faced with the Tories’ rebellious backbencher, the Prime Minister rejected some scientists’ call to impose a complete blockade in December, allowing sporting events to continue in a UK-capacity crowd. .. The delegated government of Scotland and Wales banned a large crowd at sports facilities last month, but lifted the rule in time for the Six Nations rugby tournament starting next month.

Scotland said Tuesday that it had relaxed restrictions on other coronaviruses, allowed nightclubs to reopen, and no longer required table service at the bar. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the guidance requiring people to comply with the three-household limit at indoor rallies will also be lifted.

The Welsh government states that a reduction in COVID cases in the intensive care unit means reducing alert levels from 2 to 0 in the coming weeks. – AFP

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