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Jordan Businessmen Association Launches Gaza Campaign – Middle East Monitor

The Jordan Businessmen’s Association (JBA) yesterday launched a donation campaign through the Jordan Hashemite Charity to “support the brotherly Palestinians of the Gaza Strip.” Quods Press report.

The organization urged the Jordanian business community to “support the Palestinian people by contributing to a campaign in support of the tremendous sacrifices made by the proud Palestinian brothers to defend their religious sanctity and their rights to their homeland.” He called for a stronger role for the private sector to play a role in the cause.”

“The killing and intimidation of the Palestinian people by the Zionist occupation forces [Palestinians’] Years of suffering reflect the great struggle of the steadfast and proud Palestinian people,” the statement read, adding that “the Palestinian cause is the Arab cause” and must be defended by all means and methods available. .

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The association, on behalf of the Jordanian business community, condemned “Israel’s blatant attacks on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the resulting destruction and loss of life” and said that “the a clear and decisive position.”

He called on the international community to take responsibility and work together to end Israeli attacks and violations.

upon FridayIsraeli occupation forces launched airstrikes besieged In Gaza, 44 people were killed, including 15 children and 4 women. Last night, a ceasefire brokered by Egypt came into effect.



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