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Jordan condemns Israeli settlement approval

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs of Jordan has accused Israeli occupation authorities of approving the construction of 3,557 new settlements on the occupied Palestinian territory.
Ambassador Hysam Abu Alu, an official spokesman for the ministry, said the measure was a serious and serious breach of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, most notably the Security Council Resolution 1. He emphasized that it was No. 2334.
He said the settlement policy was neither legal nor legal, rejected and criticized, whether it was the construction or expansion of settlements, the confiscation of land, or the expulsion of Palestinians.
He said it was a one-sided step that violated international law, undermined the foundation of peace, and undermined the possibility of achieving inclusive and just peace on a two-state solution. Plans to build 3,557 new residential units, subject to the approval of the so-called Jerusalem Regional Planning and Construction Commission, were considered an extension of the process of expansion of residence and the Jewishization of the Sanctuary.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707588/Jordan-condemns-Israel-s-approval-for-settlements Jordan condemns Israeli settlement approval

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