Jordan’s chlorine gas explosion kills at least 12 people and injures 250

Toxic yellow mass:
“We can’t accept any more cases,” said Jamal Obeidat, director of health at Aqaba, because all hospitals near the port of Aqaba are full.

According to officials, a tank that fell from a crane at the port of Aqaba in Jordan released a toxic yellow cloud that killed 12 people and injured more than 250 in a chlorine gas explosion on Monday.

Al Mamlaka TV footage showed a large cylinder that carried about 30 tonnes of gas, plunged from a moored ship’s crane, and allegedly released a cloud of chlorine gas.

The power of the explosion sent a truck rolling around the dock, and the workers at the harbor ran hard.

Photo: Reuters

“At 15:15 pm today, a chlorine gas leak occurred at the port of Aqaba as a result of the fall and explosion of a tank containing this substance,” the Jordanian National Security and Crisis Management Center said in a statement. ..

The death toll increased to 12 and 260 were injured. Jordanians and foreigners added that almost half of the injured were treated in hospitals.

According to the center, emergency responders set up a 500m cordon around the scene of the incident, evacuating nearby areas and telling residents to stay indoors.

Officials said they also evacuated the beach south of Aqaba, a resort in the Red Sea.

Hajj Hassan, deputy director of the Aqaba Regional Port Authority, told Al Mamlaka that “the iron rope carrying the container containing the toxic substance broke,” leading to a fall and leak.

The channel also said former port operator Mohammed al-Mubaidin was waiting for the vessel to load about 20 containers of “very high percentage of chlorine-containing” liquefied gas. ..

He added that gas is heavy and “gas clouds are not easy to move … because they are concentrated in one area and are affected by wind movements.”

The tank, which had a flat tire and turned yellow from where the gas spouted, was anchored at the dock next to the 6 Forest ships.

According to the Ship Tracking website, the deck cargo ship was built only this year and is sailing under the Hong Kong flag.

The media showed members of civil defense forces in hazmat suits and medical workers in a hurry to the scene wearing masks.

A spokeswoman for the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection said the leak was unlikely to reach Israel, adding that the north wind was blowing.

Authorities said the authorities were “working to clear the scene of the accident from the effects of the leak, in preparation for the recovery of normal life.”

At the time of the accident, trucks loaded with similar containers were seen lined up in a row.

According to media reports, Jordanian Prime Minister Bishur Kasaune and Interior Minister Mazen al-Faraya went to the scene.

At dawn, dozens of people gathered outside the emergency department of a hospital in Aqaba.

Hospitals in the area are full and “cannot accept any more cases,” said Jamal Obedat, director of health at Aqaba.

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