Joshua Allen was imprisoned for drug possession six weeks after being released from detention.

Joshua Allen, the eldest son of renowned chef Rachel Allen, was sent back to prison for seven months after two drug crimes, and the judge warned the 22-year-old boy that “Penny hasn’t fallen.” He is on track and lives properly.

Allen, who lives in Barina Mona, Shanagary, Cork, was convicted of possessing € 280 worth of cocaine in July 2020, and then filed a two-month sentence earlier on Monday in the Cork Circuit Court. I went to court.

The crime was committed just five weeks after Allen was released from detention, as Allen was found to have possession of € 22,000 worth of cannabis for sale and supply in August 2018.

Allen was sentenced to 30 months in prison, half of which was suspended by a judge in February 2020. But his recidivism was a triggering crime, and Allen appeared in court last Monday, so Judge Sarah Berkeley needs him to return to jail.

She held Allen until Friday and said she was particularly concerned about two drug-driving cases, including the ones in Dungarvan and Cork in Waterford that Allen was facing.

After reviewing Allen’s report, Judge Berkeley said on Friday that he was given every opportunity to turn his life around.

She described cocaine as a serious medicine, but emphasized that Allen was given every opportunity to stop using it.

Custodial sentence

“Cocaine is a serious drug, inherited from cannabis, and the country is flooded with it,” Judge Berkeley said, adding that a custodial sentence is needed to commit a crime in possession of cocaine.

Judge Berkeley sentenced Allen to 12 months in prison, but for the past five months, provided he remains peaceful and well-behaved for 12 months after he was released from detention. It stopped.

He was also ordered to follow post-release prosecution and welfare service instructions, including providing random urine samples to show that he was not using the drug.

Judge Berkeley said Allen had the advantage of coming from a family-supporting background.

“He always had a supportive family. He was given every opportunity to despair. He has received all the support available to him.”

Meanwhile, lawyer Donal O’Sullivan said earlier this week that his client had violently denied both drug-driving allegations. He said Allen looked back on his life through his work and trained in MMA 5-6 times a week.

Allen’s grandmother, acclaimed chef Darina Allen, also wrote to the court, stating that she believed her grandson was around the corner. She appealed for the generosity of the case.

She said her grandson discovered MMA and boxing in late 2020 and refocused on him.

Mrs. Allen also works on a family-owned farm in Bali Maroo, Cork, and said she would be happy to do whatever he needed.

He is determined to turn his life around.

“I know he made a mistake, but he realizes that all the problems are caused by drug and alcohol problems. He breaks his relationship with his former peers and lives his life. I am determined to turn around.

“He taught me how much I regret my actions. With the benefit of my wisdom, he is keenly aware of the stupidity of his way. He keeps going the way he is now. I am determined. “

At a hearing on Monday, Judge Berkeley asked barrister Donal O’Sullivan why Mr Allen left school at the age of 15.

Mr. O’Sullivan said his client was immature, but now he is beginning to improve his life.

“He lived a purposeless life from the age of 15 to 20. He no longer has a purpose and loves sports and work. He is beginning to mature and the maturation process takes time, I have matured and grown up. “

Allen has submitted urine samples to the GP for testing since September 2021 and has undergone eight clear tests so far.

O’Sullivan said Allen found some structure in his life and was backed by his family.

Judge Berkeley said he had many concerns in making her decision on Friday, including the fact that Allen recidivized just six weeks after being released from prison.

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She also said that the urine sample given to his doctor was of limited value to the court because it was not taken randomly.

The judge said Allen was also given the opportunity to take advantage of home-based medication for three months in Quan Mwaia, Kildare.

Judge Berkeley added that the treatment course, which began in November 2019, when Allen was imprisoned for remand, was incorporated into Judge Sean O’Donnabine’s decision imposed in February 2020.

Allen was released from prison on June 3, 2020 and spent virtually only four months in prison. Joshua Allen was imprisoned for drug possession six weeks after being released from detention.

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