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Josoor Institute to share knowledge for World Cup Qatar 2022

Josoor Institute, Executive Director, Afraaal-Noaimi

During 2021, we continued to provide important education and training to help Qatar achieve its goal of hosting the FIFA World Cup of Excellence in 2022.

We are also preparing for our future role in supporting the development of the sports and event management industry in Qatar and across the region.

The flagship diploma program in sports and key event management, offered in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Business, was successfully delivered online throughout the year.

The program features key professional and administrative aspects of the sports and event industry and provides representatives with the knowledge they need to advance their careers.

Josoor recognizes that the industry extends far beyond the field of play and helps students develop skill sets to succeed in a multi-faceted industry.

Senior experts from major sports and event organizations have enriched the program by sharing their first-hand experiences and advice with representatives.

Leadership master classes were also included in the program. This is our sixth cohort and by the spring of 2022 our graduates will exceed 450.

We also held leadership development workshops throughout the year in collaboration with Leaders in Sport. The first workshop was delivered online before the physical delivery was organized in London. Participants enjoyed face-to-face training and site visits to various important venues such as Wimbledon.

Graduates of this program join the graduates of the Professional Development Program and form a strong network of professionals active in Qatar, the region and internationally. This demonstrates Josoor’s mission to build human capital as a result of Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Josoor also offers training sessions to support different sectors, including volunteers who participated in the FIFA Arab Cup.

Josoor has contributed at the strategic level, including creating a large matrix of all the training needed to support different roles and functions. In parallel, Joseor played an active role in the workforce and community engagement training of the tournament, which took place from November 30th to December 18th.

In terms of football, we worked with the Qatar Football Association to develop and provide sports management training for colleagues in the Southeast Asian Football Association. We also held a Strategic Workshop on the Delivery & Legacy Supreme Commission (SC) to share knowledge with UEFA colleagues in connection with Euro 2020 held in cities across Europe during the summer. ..

Meanwhile, in late November, Josor-sponsored Leaders Meet Qatar included speakers from SC, FIFA, Generation Amazing, and many other local organizations.

The event took place a year before the start of Qatar 2022 and strategically just before the kick-off of the FIFA Arab Cup. Another notable event is Joseor Hiwar. The event was re-held with the aim of expanding discussions and discussions about the region and the sports and event industry since then.

The main points from 2021 have been resilience and commitment to innovation.

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been working effectively. Maximized both physical and online sessions while accelerating the learning and development of all delegates.
As countries and regions prepare for the FIFA World Cup, we look forward to continuing our mission in 2022. We will do everything possible to share the knowledge gained from this mega-event with the next generation of sports and event professionals throughout the region.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707028/Josoor-Institute-sharing-knowledge-in-the-run-up-t Josoor Institute to share knowledge for World Cup Qatar 2022

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