June 20 National strike: No planes, no trains, different tram and bus conditions

RTBF reports that the National Foundation Day by the FGTB, CSC, and CGSLB unions in Brussels this Monday is causing widespread travel turmoil.

All flights were canceled due to a large demonstration in the capital and strikes being observed by various companies at the Brussels Airport in Zaventem.

The union has promised “a manifestation of power” in their demand for improved purchasing power of workers and changes in the law on wage standards.

The public transport network in all three regions of Stib (Brussels) TEC (Wallonia) and De Lijn (Flanders) has also been severely affected.


In the capital, Stive anticipates a heavily disrupted network on Monday and encourages travelers to find alternative transportation.

Public transport provides up-to-date information about the network on its website and social media from 6am.


In the Flemish region, 60% of buses and 40% of trams will continue to operate, De Lijn announced. This percentage is higher in Ghent, where 60% of trams operate. However, only 50% of vehicles circulate in Antwerp. De Lijn recommends that travelers consult the route planner on their website or mobile app.

Wallonia area

In the Wallonia region, TEC announced on its website the cancellation of services in Walloon Brabant and the reduction of services in the states of Hainaut and Liege, Namur and Luxembourg. A list of canceled routes is published on the website.


SNCB operates eight additional trains that should not be affected by the strike.

Air traffic

Brussels Airport has decided to cancel all flights scheduled for Monday departing from Brussels International Airport on Sunday night.

“We can’t guarantee the safety of travelers,” said spokeswoman Natalie Pierre after announcing that even fewer workers at security company G4S would provide security screening. The wait time can exceed 8 hours.

Photo: © Belgium / Jonas Roosens

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