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June 30: Khartoum prepares for mass protest, Sudan surpasses Twitter trend-Doha News

Demonstrations will take place in connection with the anniversary of the coup that overthrew Sudan’s last elected civilian government.

Tires burned up on the streets of Sudan as a major protest began on Thursday. mark June 30th anniversary of the 1989 military coup of then-President Omar al-Bashir. This defeated the last elected civilian government in the country.

When people are preparing to bring their clinched frustrated fists to the street on June 30th marking Anniversary of the 1989 military coup of then-President Omar al-Bashir. This defeated the last elected civilian government in the country.

Social media users in and around Qatar attacked Twitter to share images as frustrated protesters clenched their fists on the streets of the Sudanese capital. video From mass protest.

Some of the hashtags published online #NoNegotiationsNoPartnershipNoLegitimacy At # لاتفاوض_لاقراكة_لاقرعية and # June30MillionManMarch, activists are calling for a rally to commemorate the “June 30th Earthquake.”

Circulating video On Thursday, he showed a coup d’etat to curb the Khartoum procession with a gas bomb.

“Dear God, may this day pass without casualties.” One social media user said.

“Tomorrow is your ed, country” another user Said the night before the planned demo.

Correspondent AFP also reported that internet and telephone lines were cut off early Thursday morning. This is a measure often imposed by Sudanese authorities to silence mass demonstrations.

Demonstrators will also transfer power to civilians to the general who expelled him to commemorate the third anniversary of the huge march after the army seized power when Albasir was expelled in April 2019. Request.

At least 120 people died on the third anniversary of the deadly sit-in dispersal.

At that time, security forces dispersed protest camps violently outside the Army Council in the capital Khartoum on June 29, 2019. This day coincided with the 29th of the Ramadan fasting month.

On April 11, 2019, Sudanese troops intervened and defeated Albasir. He was later charged with incitement and involvement in the murder of protesters.

The former president is also facing corruption charges after prosecutors say he has found a large amount of foreign currency in his home.

Sudan-based activists called for a major protest on Thursday, demanding the withdrawal of a military coup in October, urging foreign governments to withdraw aid, and as a result exacerbated the serious economic crisis.

Sudan’s turmoil has continued since then October 25, 2021When Prime Minister Abdala Hamdock’s interim government was dismissed by the military and a state of emergency was declared, “a move accused of being a” military coup “by political forces.”

The 2019 protest led to the formation of a mixed civilian and military interim government.

Prior to the military takeover, Sudan was governed by a sovereign council of military and civilian officials tasked with overseeing the transition period until the 2023 elections.

On Thursday ground, security forces stepped up measures despite a recent state of emergency.

Sudan has been exposed to fierce “almost weekly” protests as the country’s economic crisis worsens since coup leader Abdel Fatta Albahan took power in 2021.

“June 30 is our way to quell the coup and thwart the path of fake alternatives,” said the alliance of private groups whose leaders were expelled in the coup for freedom and change. Army said. France24..

UN Special Rapporteur Volker Perthes called on security forces to exercise restraints while protesters were preparing for a large-scale protest against the state’s generals.

“Violence against protesters will not be tolerated,” he said in a statement. to add “We shouldn’t give an opportunity to spoilers who want to increase the tension in Sudan.”

However, the country’s foreign ministry accused the UN envoy’s remarks of being built on “hypotheses” and “contradictory to his role as a facilitator,” confusing the debate over stopping political distress. I let you.

With the efforts of the African Union and the East African Block IGAD, the United Nations has attempted “mediation negotiations between generals and civilians,” but they have been boycotted by all major civilians24. report..

Dr. Sudan’s central committee also said on June 30 that it would witness a campaign calling for “the use of violence against peaceful protests, especially the ban and criminalization of shotgun use.” Report Said.

In a statement on Sunday, the Central Committee of Physicians said they were fully prepared to treat protesters in the hospital’s emergency ward with the opposition support team on Thursday in case an individual was injured during the demonstration. Emphasized.

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