(June 30th, Korean Jun Ahn Daily Editorial)

Leaders of South Korea, the United States and Japan have met for the first time since 2017. In September of the same year, the leaders of the three countries met at the United Nations General Assembly held in New York. At the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, President Yoon Seok-yul, US President Joe Biden, and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida held their first meeting to meet North Korea’s nuclear threat, East Asian economic and regional security. Discussed ways to strengthen security cooperation. Although it was a relatively short (30 minutes) meeting, it is very important because the three heads of state met directly to solve the North Korean nuclear issue.

North Korea has launched 18 missiles of various types so far this year, and has completed all preparations for its seventh nuclear test. The conference itself held in such a situation is meaningful. On Tuesday, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the meeting was aimed at discussing uninterrupted missile tests and provocations from North Korea. He emphasized that the talks may help leaders find ways to prevent North Korea from finding funding for its nuclear and missile programs.

There was no talk between Yun and Kishida, but their first encounter provided an opportunity to break the frozen relationship between the two countries. At a banquet held at the Royal Palace in Madrid, Prime Minister Yun responded by expressing his intention to solve future troublesome problems to Fumio Kishida and then proposing efforts to improve relations.

Specific actions are required to normalize the tense. If the Yun administration takes steps to deal with historical conflicts, Japan must also take action. Business activities between the two neighbors are still facing problems. Meanwhile, the emotional division between the two is widening. Most important is the effort to move forward step by step.

The NATO summit is important because it will definitely help South Korea cope with the rapidly changing international environment. The alarming inflation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and soaring oil and grain prices, the severe supply shortage caused by a pandemic, and China’s attempts to change the world order led by Uncle Sam are all constantly evolving nuclear weapons from North Korea. Along with the threat of, it brings a tough challenge to South Korea. .. Such a multifaceted crisis does not affect just one country.

In his speech at the NATO summit, President Yun emphasized the importance of international cooperation and solidarity. NATO’s invitation to the President of South Korea from the other side of the globe proves the importance of cooperation. It’s time for Yun to take leadership in such a crisis.
(end) (June 30th, Korean Jun Ahn Daily Editorial)

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