Kabsoguru: Ankara violates and continues to fly

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabsogur flew over Greece on Thursday as Ankara claimed that there were many “conflict sovereign” islands, even if the United States set conditions for Turkey to acquire F-16 fighters. He said he would continue to invade the territory. Aegean Sea.

His remarks required Turkey not to apply the terms and restrictions set by the United States regarding F-16 sales issues.

In an interview with state-owned TRT Huber TV, Cavusoglu noted that the Turkish government was trying to buy a fighter and emphasized that it would not accept the attached string.

“You can’t say’yes’ to the way we hold hands. So what does it say after all? Greek airspace. What does “Greek airspace” mean? He added that Turkey’s reaction to what Greece calls airspace is that there are islands and islets whose sovereignty status has not been determined.

He also expressed frustration with a Greek-born US House of Representatives lobbying his country. “”[Kyriakos] Mitsutakis himself is already lobbying for the F-16 in his speech [to Congress]”He said in connection with the Greek Prime Minister’s visit to Washington in May.

Kabsoguru also hinted that the invasion of Greek airspace would continue, saying: [Greece] Claim 10 miles of airspace. “There is no doubt that we will not use these four miles,” he emphasized. Kabsoguru: Ankara violates and continues to fly

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