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Kabul protesters demand release of Afghanistan’s assets

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After the Taliban ruled the country, international funding to Afghanistan was stopped and billions of dollars in national assets were frozen abroad, mainly in the United States.

Lack of funds has hit the already troubled economies of war-torn countries and has led to increased poverty. (AFP)

Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Kabul towards the closed US embassy, ​​urging the release of frozen assets in Afghanistan.

Protesters raised flags saying “feed me” and “give me frozen money,” sloganed on Tuesday, marched on Chuo-dori, and the ruling Taliban secured safety.

International funding for Afghanistan was suspended, and billions of dollars in assets abroad, primarily in the United States, were frozen after the Taliban ruled the country in mid-August.

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Lack of funds has hit Afghanistan’s already troubled economy, leading to increased poverty, and aid groups have warned of an impending humanitarian catastrophe.

From doctors to teachers to government officials, state officials haven’t been paid for months. Banks, on the other hand, limit the amount that account holders can withdraw.

No country has officially recognized the country’s new Taliban ruler.

Twenty years ago, the previous Taliban administration banned education and public life for women and girls, banned sports and entertainment, and carried out public executions, but current Taliban government officials have different rules. It states that it will be.

They eventually promised to educate all girls and called on the international community to free money and help stop humanitarian disasters.

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