Kamala Harris has announced that she will run for the 2024

US Vice President Kamala Harris @ Wikimedia Commons

Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris On Wednesday she said she was going to run for the second term with President Joe Biden In the 2024 election. She was answering a question from a reporter on a plane on her way to California.

“”president [Biden] I’m going to run and if so, I’ll be his partner.Work together“The White House spokesman was reportedly said.

Previously, the Washington Post quoted a source as a 79-year-old adviser. Biden He was looking for the possibility of announcing the official launch of a campaign to re-election the Democratic Party to the head of state next spring. However, the newspaper emphasizes that aides to American leaders cannot remove the Democratic fears of preparing for a new campaign. If the current US leader is reelected, he will be 86 by the end of the second term.

Democrats are worried BidenAccording to the newspaper, the ability to be active in the next election, especially the previous election campaign, took place in remote areas in the face of a pandemic.Also, many party members have criticized it. Harris For her actions as Vice President.Meanwhile, the New York Times reported: Harris was “Frustrated with the question [from party members and the media] About her intention to run for reelection in 2024.. “

According to Fox News Biden When Harris‘ policy “Miserably failed.. ” “If You see BidenClosing the control and moments, you will see him from re-vaccination catastrophically failing in everything he did. [against COVID-19] We weren’t testing on the fact that he failed to withdraw from Afghanistan and that he allowed a wave of variants of Omicron. I would like to say that the shortage of baby food, supply chain problems, etc. are all continuing.Only he can connect words in a sentence better than he does Kamala Harris.Therefore, neither is the main candidate [of the Democratic Party],“Media journalist Nicole Saffier said.

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/ BGNES Kamala Harris has announced that she will run for the 2024

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