Kanye West aims for former Kim Kardashian’s current man Pete Davidson with a new song

guess so Kanye West Not the biggest fan of a estranged wife Kim Kardashian Rookie Pete Davidson..

In a leaked snippet of a new track from a rapper, you can hear an artist now legally known as Ye taking a jab. Saturday night live Manga.

“God saved me from the crash, so that I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” the Grammy-winning star raps on his new track, My Life Was Never Eazy.

The unreleased single (four dads collaborating with The Game) will drop later tonight, so it’s unclear if Dis will make the final cut.

If Kanye’s reference to the new beauty of his upcoming ex-wife accomplishes it in a sophisticated version, it’s a big sign that candid people aren’t very happy with Kim and Pete’s flowering romance.

Kanye West swipes Kim Kardashian’s new man with a rough edit of some new music

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson began dating reality show Star Legend towards the end of last year

Officially, despite having been publicly dating actress Julia Fox for the past few weeks Kanye West He was frank and honest about his desire to reunite with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Ignoring her original constant comments about their division, four mothers, Kim (41), enjoy the company of the King of Staten Island Pete.

The crazy reality show star recently snuggled up to the 28-year-old comedian. Grabbed a pizza together during a plain date..

Kim and Pete have kept things casual when it comes to dating venues

In contrast to Pete and Kim’s modest outings, Kanye pulls out all the stops while trying to persuade uncut diamond actress Julia.

The 31-year-old host of the podcast had a rapper earlier this month. Surprised her in a “clothed” room Before their extravagant date-when the two stars get to know each other as the world watches.

In an episode of Thursday’s podcast “Forbidden Fruits,” Julia also admitted that she had the privilege of listening to some of her new lover’s next new material.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim and Kanye ended their romantic relationship in 2020

“Honestly, I’m honored to be in my presence and witness history happening,” she said at the Spotify Original show.

“Even if I’m in the studio with him and Future, by the way, listening to a crazy new song.

“It’s really cool. I love it, I love music. Music has saved my life on many occasions.”

Elsewhere in the chat about her new romance, Julia also revealed that she and Kanye have not yet labeled their flowering relationship.

Julia Fox and Kanye West
Julia and Kanye are rumored to have started meeting others towards the end of last year.

Julia Fox and Kanye West
The actress opened up about her love life and rapper in the latest episode of her podcast

“For now, I’m just alive now, and I’m not expecting anything,” she told her co-host Niki Takesh earlier this week.

“There are no labels or labels. Only people feel good about each other. It’s like a connection between Gemini and Aquarius. It’s very exciting.”

Star also denied that her new relationship was a PR stunt, explaining that “everyone thinks all celebrity scandals are setups. I personally don’t.”

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