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KAPSARC and SAEE will work together to increase local participation in the 44th IAEE Conference

Riyadh — The King Abdullah Petroleum Research and Research Center (KAPSARC) and the Saudi Arabia Energy Economics Society (SAEE) have begun preparations for the 44th International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) International Conference last Wednesday. First time in Riyadh, Middle East.

Preparations began with an introductory meeting held in the presence of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, Minister of Energy and Chairman of the Board, to increase local participation in scientific papers submitted to the conference. rice field.

The event brought together more than 200 professionals and professionals in the fields of energy and the environment from Saudi Arabian university-wide scholars and students.

KAPSARC President Fahad al-Aziran will fight each country at the conference, which will be held from February 4th to 8th, 2023, under the theme of “The Road to the Future of Clean, Stable and Sustainable Energy”. He said he was aiming to make that possible. Climate change in a unique way and route.

“Focusing on three Kingdom goals in addressing climate goals: energy security, economic growth and climate change,” he added.

He noted that the conference is distinguished by the fact that the region is hosting the following two sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“The global energy shift did not follow global plans, but it was special last year in the Kingdom Climate Initiative as the Saudi Arabian Green and Middle East Green initiatives have begun,” said Arajran.

He will exchange experiences at the conference, find innovative solutions to help the kingdom achieve its climate goals, and develop support for Saudi Arabia to become a major global producer of renewable energy and hydrogen. He said he was aiming for that.

“KAPSARC is working to strengthen collaboration with international research centers to find qualitative approaches and innovative solutions to create a sustainable future for Saudi Arabia within the energy ecosystem.” He said.

On his side, Dr. Fahad Al-Turki, Vice President of Knowledge and Analysis at KAPSARC, presented 18 different topics for Saudi Arabian researchers to attend the conference.

Topics include circulating carbon economy, carbon capture and storage technologies, as well as energy, development, climate change, economic diversification, diversification of energy sources in the Middle East, oil and gas economy and its geopolitical situation. However, it is not limited to these. The role of hydrogen in energy transformation.

At the meeting, Alturki stated that September 9th of this year was the deadline for submission of the study summary and December 2nd was the date allotted for the submission of the complete study, an incentive for the best studies participated. Announced the Student Award.

“Arbitration takes place through an international committee to support the publication of research in peer-reviewed journals,” he said.

“To develop energy economics in the Middle East, the conference will allow free registration and provide annual members of the International Association for Energy Economics and the Saudi Energy Economics (SAEE).” SAEE Chair Dr. Majid Al Moneef confirmed this.

He added that he had reached an agreement with the IAEE to publish a prominent study in a special edition in the most popular peer-reviewed journals dedicated to energy economics. — SG

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