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Karan Johar writes a thought-provoking note for the New Year

Mumbai: Filmmaker Karan Johar looks back on the years gone by, sharing a series of photos on social media and adding thought-provoking notes.

The mayor of Dharma saw Instagram and shared pictures of his mother Hiroo Joha and his children Yash and Ruhi on various occasions in 2021. He wrote in the caption: And the despair around us ….. It’s optimistic that we’re meaninglessly hoping for something better in 2022, but it’s also somehow stupid … the biggest change that has to happen is in you! (Sic) “

He continues in the caption. “You have to be your own emotional leader and driver … The toxicity around you is sometimes the result of various aspects, but it’s certainly not true! You’ve heard and read. If you believe in things, you need to change your lens and vision (sic is intended)… .. Believe in you! Only you have the power to fight negativeness and pave the way for yourself I have! Destiny is your friend. Don’t believe anything else. “

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“So don’t make excuses for her! She exists to celebrate you and never deny you! Free will has the power to counter all predictions and calculations! You Success is your story! And when you follow the path with the only voice screaming at you, you will say it, but you rarely hear it! You! ( Original text Mama) “

“Voice of your instinct! Make 2022 your year. The rest will be placed in the right place. My loved ones will send you a lot of love, and I will participate in what you say This year there is a unique hurdle for you to become Neeraj Chopra in your life! Throw back the javelin throws of strength and resilience and the stage is all yours. Love and light always! “, The producer made a conclusion.

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