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Karma catches up when people don’t expect it the most

As a child, we were warned by our elders about how our actions would return to us. Officials from the Forest Department of India recently shared two videos that reflect how our wrongdoing has returned to us.

On January 13, 2022, an officer named Susant Nanda shared a video titled “Karma” on Twitter. In this video, a camel kicked a man and tried to play a trick.

On January 10th, Nanda released a video of a hunter waiting for prey. At that time, the deer charged the hunter and had no time to shoot it. The hunter can be seen flying backwards after being beaten by an animal. Netizens have shared the video more than 62,000 times. The title of the video is “Karma returns early”

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An IPS officer named Dipanshu Kabra also shared a video showing a boy kicking a mobile basketball hoop out of frustration. The following are worth a look. The title of the tweet was “If you can easily reach your goal, you won’t be evaluated.”

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