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Karnataka HC asks a lawyer to complete the submission by Friday

Bangalore: The Karnataka High Court bench heard a petition filed by a student seeking the right to wear a hijab and asked all lawyers to complete the submission by Friday. Once the submission is complete, we may withhold further decisions.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the tenth day of the hearing, the three judges, Bench, heard the counsel’s debate urging the hijab’s rights.

AM Dahl, a lawyer for girls who were denied the right to wear the hijab, quoted a Quranic poem and submitted an elaborate discussion, stating that the hijab is a matter of life and death for Muslim girls. In front of the bench, he prayed hard to get down to the state to pass the order to limit the hijab in the classroom.

Senior lawyer Devadatt Kamat has refuted discussions and citations to previous rulings on wearing hijab in the classroom. He argued that the government order issued regarding the wearing of the hijab clearly violated Article 14 of the Constitution. Denying admission to girls wearing hijabs affects their right to the most important education, he said.

At this time, Judge Ritu Raj Awasti, who leads the bench, asked Kamat insisted on wearing a hat in the facility in the prescribed uniform. The CJ further said that Kamat sought to establish his (petitioner girl) rights, as Kamat also stated that it was a fundamental right. He emphasized that Article 25 (2) is the “reform power” given to the state.

Kamat argued that wearing a hijab was certainly an essential practice under Islam. He added that education laws and uniform rules cannot be a measure of social reform, and that wearing a hijab is not a regressive practice, as it is portrayed by the AG.

Senior Advocate Guru Krishnakumar appeared to a lecturer at the University of Udupi who became a respondent and submitted his discussion in favor of prescribing uniforms.

The hijab line, which began at Udupi Pre-University Girls’ College, has become a state crisis, claiming that students refuse to attend classes without hijab and wait until a final verdict is given. The High Court has issued an interim order banning both hijab and saffron shawls or scarves in the classroom.

https://www.siasat.com/hijab-row-karnataka-hc-asks-counsel-to-conclude-submissions-by-friday-2281623/ Karnataka HC asks a lawyer to complete the submission by Friday

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