Kashyap ‘Kash’ Patel, controversial Donald Trump aide lashes out at fellow Indian-American hypocrisy

Washington, September 12: Kashyap “Kash” Patel, the controversial former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff and close friend, said he was “unjustly targeted by the Indian-American community when he was unfairly targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice.” He said he felt “abandoned and slandered”. the color of his skin.”

“I think it’s the height of hypocrisy that they don’t support first-generation Indian-Americans who have reached the highest levels of the U.S. government just because they disagree with you politically,” Patel said. Exclusively stated in his first IANS interview for an Indian news publication. Racist attacks: Indian Americans protest hate crimes, vandalism of Gandhi statue. I urge President Joe Biden to take action.

He added: “I will do all I can to help Indian Americans and anyone else trying to advance in government service or otherwise in law enforcement, national defense, etc. But , they take the opposite stance: “All they care about is the publicity and the media. All I care about is the mission. I put the mission first every time.”

Patel said he received “emails, social media messages, hateful messages, hateful messages, hateful messages from the Indian American community. These are our brothers and sisters. It’s sad because it should be,” he said.

Patel is an Indian-American born in New York to Gujarati parents who came to the United States via East Africa. A lawyer by training, he became the acting secretary of defense’s chief of staff at the end of the Trump administration and went on to lead the CIA as acting director.

He is now a major member of the small group of Indian-Americans in the Republican Party and is fiercely disliked by the rest of the community, which remains overwhelmingly Democratic. Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is included. Dinesh D’Souza, a White House employee in the Ronald Reagan administration, reinvented himself as a documentary filmmaker and became the first Indian-American to be jailed for campaign finance fraud and to receive a presidential pardon from Trump.

He is still a close associate of the former president. “The president and I talk all the time. I’m not going to reveal our private conversations, but he’s been pretty public about what his intentions are and how much he wants to fix the country.” Scheduled to run again. “So I think we will see an announcement in the next few months, and then we will follow through.”

Patel visited Ahmedabad with Trump in February 2020, calling it a “special moment.”

“I was very humbled by the president’s invitation to invite me. At the time, I was the highest-ranking Indian-American official in the White House. I met Prime Minister My parents invited me to stay at my house.It’s my birthday…” Patel added, adding, “It’s been a lifetime since I’ve been to the stadium, hugged my mother and father, met the Prime Minister and met him in person. It was one moment… such a surreal experience.”

Patel’s name was recently named in an affidavit filed by the Justice Department with a federal judge, seeking presidential documents Trump brought from the White House in violation of an executive order. obtained a warrant to search for Records law required him to turn them over to the National Archives.

The affidavit, whose heavily redacted transcript was released, cited news reports that Patel deemed other media outlets’ reports to be “misleading,” and that the National Archives said Trump was accused of murdering Mara. It is said that confidential materials were found among the records provided. Lago. “Patel claimed such reports were misleading because the president declassified the materials in question,” his affidavit said.

Patel disputed the naming. “As a former national security prosecutor, I understand that DOJ (Department of Justice) and FBI policy is to redact people’s names just to keep them safe, and that they were released last Friday. I know that is the only name I didn’t remove.The affidavit other than Donald Trump was mine and the next seven pages were redacted,” Patel said.

He said he believed he was a victim of “racism against the Republican minority.” , “Brown Live Matter,” and his views on “Black Lives Matter,” a movement for racial justice and equality.

According to Mr. Patel, his name was terrible. It coincided with the FBI notifying his attorney that the investigation into the death threats against him was closed, even though there were some leads. These threats came after being subpoenaed by a congressional committee to investigate the Jan. 6, 2021 riots by Trump supporters, to storm the US Capitol, home of the United States Congress, to kill Joe. It sabotaged a joint meeting to recognize Biden as the next president. “The only reason they do that is because they are targeting political targets and willfully endangering my safety. This is disgusting,” he said.

Patel has received hate emails and death threats since he was leading a congressional investigation into Russia, but those “escalated” after he was subpoenaed before the committee on Jan. 6.

Asked about U.S. assistance to India in the face of China’s invasion in May 2020, Patel said, “Even though President Trump hasn’t traveled much abroad, he traveled to India and decided to go to Pakistan, not China.” Decided to go there instead of., or, you know, other places in the region, but India because he and PM Modi have a great relationship. In the meantime, it was not our job to advertise all the assistance we provided. Help, both defense and intelligence and diplomacy.”

He added: “They were never spoken of because everything happened under Trump. And now look what’s going on. India’s allies are only It is countering China’s aggression against the rest of the world, and it is a massive security failure by the US government that is now in charge.”

The Trump administration aided India with intelligence, winter clothing, and some equipment in the aftermath of the Galwan skirmish. A Pentagon source at the time told reporters that word from the White House was to process and clear all aid requests from India.

When and how does he expect the Mar-a-Lago scandal to end? After the November midterm elections, when the House is expected to fall into Republican hands? “As I have publicly stated, it was corrupt FBI and DOJ officials who started Russiagate by lying to federal judges to illegally monitor the president, and are now responsible for carrying out this investigation. “It’s Russiagate again. We have to release the documents that show the FBI and its corruption. Just like we did in the Russiagate investigation.” , I think it will happen if it is subject to strict Congressional oversight,” he added.

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