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Kazakhstan’s Elena Rybakina wins first Grand Slam in Wimbledon final

London- Elena Rybakina became the first tennis player to win the Grand Slam Singles Championship from Kazakhstan, beating Ounce Jable 3-6, 6-2, 6-2 in the Wimbledon final on Saturday.

Rybakina was born in Moscow at the age of 23 and has represented Kazakhstan since Kazakhstan funded her tennis career in 2018.

Rybakina is ranked 23rd. Since the WTA computer rankings began in 1975, only one woman ranked below Rybakina has won Wimbledon. Wimbledon trophy.

This was the first women’s title match in Wimbledon since 1962 between the two players who made their debut in the major finals.

Rybakina used her big serve and strong forehand to overcome the mix of jabber spins and slices on the center court. Rybakina finished 12 consecutive victories in second place Jabber. This was done entirely on the lawn court.

Rybakina immediately showed off his best stroke. A big serve — she led the tour significantly with Ace in 2022 — and a flat forehand.

In the opening game, we were able to get a glimpse of both, including the service winner at 119 mph at the first point of the match. It didn’t take long for the 27-year-old Jabber from Tunisia to adapt.

By Rybakina’s second service game, Jabber had read better service and used her trademark variety to create an unattractive opportunity for baseline power.

One of the squash-style forehands pulled the forehand into the net and scored a break point. Jabber played a serve of 120 mph and saw Rybakina sail the backhand for a long time, converting to lead 2-1.

Rybakina’s mistakes have increased. Volley to net tape with full coat fully open. Net forehand after Jabber barely returned. When another forehand went wrong, Jabber took the opening set and threw an uppercut when walking to the sideline.

But this is not a runaway victory. Rybakina is stable and her serving is more effective. Jabber began to struggle to use all of her creativity.

As Jabber’s forehand became more and more problematic, Rybakina began serving and ground strokes in the second and third sets.

Rybakina, who defeated Serena Williams at the French Open last year, finally got the first break chance to start the second set, climbing 1-0 when Jabber missed the forehand. After saving four breakpoints in the next two service games, Rybakina broke again and quickly led 5-1.

Jabber leads the women’s tour with 13 wins in 3 setters this season, but Rybakina has become much stronger with this decider. She broke again and started the third and went up to 3-1. -agency

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