Kedah MB denies personal interest in Musang King farm

KEDAH Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor today emphasized that he has no personal interest in the Musang King durian farm project at Gunung Inas in Baling, where a major flood was alleged to have occurred in the area two days ago.

According to Sanushi, the order to stop cultivation was issued in July 2020, two months after becoming maintenance, including instructions for replanting vegetation to cover the ground. It was.

He said the project was originally approved by the former government and the state government is now focused on finding a comprehensive solution without pointing.

“Why do I hide Musanking (project)? I’m not (it) personally interested. When I joined (state government), the project was before my time, those The (Durian) tree was already there.

“I only want to talk about facts and numbers. To be fair to everyone … we will be safe when we keep the facts and numbers,” he said at the Berlin District Office today. He told reporters after he chaired the State Executive Council.

Maintenance Besar responded to allegations that the state government had not acted on durian farming in Gunung Inas, which caused flash floods in 12 villages on Monday, killing three people.

It was reported yesterday that Congressman Abdur Aziz Abdur Rahim also said he wanted the Durian farm project to be cancelled.

Sanushi hopes that the public will stop speculating about the Barin case and allow authorities to make their own assessments based on their expertise, and once they have confirmed the findings, they will issue a full statement on the issue. Added. – Bernama, July 6, 2022. Kedah MB denies personal interest in Musang King farm

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