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Keeping pets, not children, deprives us of our humanity: Pope Francis

During his first general audience in the New Year, the Department of Divinities encouraged the couple to embark on a parental challenge.

Pope Francis has blamed the declining birthrate in developed countries in the past. (Reuters)

Pope Francis suggested that those who replace children with pets show “some kind of selfishness” when he spoke as a parent during a general audience in the Vatican.

The world’s 1.3 billion Catholic chiefs lamented on Wednesday that pets “sometimes replace children” in society.

The Pope said this practice was “a denial of paternity and motherhood, debilitating us and depriving us of our humanity.”

Thus, “We have lost the abundance of paternity and motherhood, and it is the country that is suffering, so civilization will be old without humanity,” the deity said at Paul VI Hall.

It is strange to think that the Pope is quantitatively limited in love in our lives, citing the sacrifice of volunteers who save the lives of animals, the Italian International Organization for Animal Conservation (OIPA). “.

“It is clear that animal life is less important to Francis than human life, but those who feel that life is a life of sacred love that transcends species,” said Massimo Comparotto, president of OIPA. It is stated in.

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“Demographic winter”

In 2014, Francis gave Il Messagero a pet on behalf of a child every day, “another phenomenon of cultural decline,” and emotional relationships with pets “complex” between parents and children. He said it was “easier” than a relationship.

On Wednesday, he encouraged potential parents to become parents “without fear”, encouraging couples who could not have children for biological reasons to consider adoption.

“Having a child is always a risk, but by denying a father, having no children is even more risky,” he said.

Argentine deities have accused the “winter of demographics”, the declining birthrate of developed countries, in the past.

Earlier this year he criticized modern society. There, careers and making money are better than building a family for many, and that spirit is called “gangrene for society.”

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