Keith Schembri, Yorgen Fenech, And More Charged With Melvin Theuma Phantom Job Misuse

Keith Schembri, Jorgen Fennec and three others have been charged with theft and embezzlement in connection with government jobs given to intermediaries who confessed to the murders of Daphne Caruana Galizia and Melvin Teuma in 2017. I got

Schembri, former OPM Chief of Staff, former OPM Customer Care Chief Sandro Kraus, former Ministry of Family and Social Solidarity Personal Secretary Anthony Ellul, former Housing Maintenance and Embellishment Co Ltd CEO Anthony Muscat, and Yorgen Fenech have been indicted by subpoena. – Not under arrest – Friday morning before Magistrate Monica Bella. They all pleaded not guilty.

Melvin Teuma, who admitted to setting up the journalist’s murder in court, claims he did so on Fenech’s orders and was granted a presidential pardon in exchange for his testimony. said he had been given a job by Shembri at a government-owned home improvement and decoration company five months before the murder took place. Show up for work.

When the case was brought before Justice of the Peace Monica Bella on Friday morning, the defendant’s attorney said the court would not hear the witnesses today because some of the evidence was “potentially unacceptable.” and requested certain documents that would form part of the investigation.

Attorney Stefano Filletti alleged that the evidence against the man had not been fully disclosed during interrogation, even though police already had evidence. They already had this when they went to get the defendant.The defendant has the right to disclose it and obviously the police didn’t do it,” he said.

Magistrate Vera disagreed with Filletti’s allegations, telling lawyers that she had seen the entire investigation and knew “exactly” what it contained. “It was done,” the court said, adding that it wouldn’t hear more evidence today.

“Given the tight time frame, can you indicate the number of witnesses in the prosecution?” Defense attorney Michael Cirha asked Lieutenant Nicolas Vera during the prosecution.

Vera explained that he was unable to give an exact number because the prosecution was also planning to request that the witnesses’ statements be allowed to be referenced rather than having them testify.

Defense attorney Edward Gut warned in court that the defense was “extremely concerned about the way the investigation was conducted”, but said the issue would be addressed in future trials.

Michael Sciriha, an attorney who appeared for one of the defendants, informed the court that the defense reserves the right to call independent witnesses to challenge potentially relevant evidence. Did. Just in case.

The case has been postponed until October 7 due to further prosecution evidence.

Jorgen Fennec is represented by attorneys Charles Mercieca, Gianluca Caruana Curran and Marion Camilleri.

Attorneys Edward Gatto and Mark Vassallo are Schembri’s attorneys.

Lawyer Stefano Filletti Appears as Anthony Muscat

Attorneys Vince Micallef and Ryan Ellul are representing Anthony Ellul.

Attorney Michael Silliha is representing Klaus. Keith Schembri, Yorgen Fenech, And More Charged With Melvin Theuma Phantom Job Misuse

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