Kellie Harrington will be awarded Freedom of the City of Dublin

Olympic gold boxer Kellie Harrington has been nominated for the Freedom of the City of Dublin.

Mayor Allison Gililand nominated Portland Row’s powerhouse at a full meeting of Dublin City Council members on Monday night.

LGBT activists Ailbhe Smyth and Professor Mary Akin have also been announced as candidates for this award.

If the nomination is most often approved by the councilor, they will join the ranks of other prominent winners such as Bono, Jim Gavin, Dr. Tony Holohan, and Brian O’Driscol.

So far, only four other women have been awarded Dublin freedom, and Mayor Gililand said she hopes her tenure will reflect her contribution to Dublin.

Labor councilors have previously blamed the lack of female representatives in Irish politics.

Lord Mayor said: “We are honored to be able to propose these three women for the City of Dublin’s highest award, the Freedom of Honor of the City of Dublin.

“They have made a great contribution to our city, and certainly to our country. I have Ailbhe Smyth in her work in the fields of human rights, social justice and academia, cyberpsychology, Online safety, security, and Kelly Harrington for her generous work in the community, caring model and role modeling for young people, and the achievements of her sport.

“They are three exciting women and we are pleased to recognize their achievements and contributions to Ireland’s public life,” she added.

The award ceremony will be held on June 11th in the round room of the condominium house.

This award recognizes a person’s contribution to Dublin’s life.

The winners of this award are sometimes referred to as Dublin’s “Freeman” or “Freewoman” and are also honorary citizens of our city.

Freeman or Freewoman’s ancient missions include being ready to protect the city from attacks and joining the city militia immediately.

Some of the ancient privileges granted to Freeman or Freewoman are the right to bring goods into Dublin through the city gates without paying customs duties. The right to graze sheep on a common ground within the boundaries of the city. The right to vote in local and parliamentary elections.

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