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THE LATE Private Funeral Service Kenneth Patrick

gibson senior Pride Estate #3’s 71st will be held on Tuesday, November 29th. Cremation took place.

He is survived by his daughters: LaShanta (Derek) Smith, Indela Gibson, Kendra Fabio) Peters. son: Andray (Anicha), Kenneth Jr. (Desalee), Geron, Ramon (Tanya) Gibson. sisters: Laura (Perry) Roberts, Florence Kemp, Margaret (Ronald) Major, Pauline Gibson Robinson. Brothers: Clarence (Wiramae), Hallam (Rosie Lee) and Timothy Gibson. aunt: Clarabelle Williams; sister in law: Meryl and Verlock Johnson, Elsa Mannings and Roslyn Gibson. Brother-in-law: Kendall Leverity, Mark Leverity. grandchildren: Warren, Liam, Kai, Lily-Rose Smith, Avery Marie Raming, Keanu Peters, Andrei Jr., Andrew, Andreas, Kenisa (deceased), Kenneth III (Kajay), Naima, Chiron, Kyle, Colin & Ashton Gibson, Paige Brown; : Okeda Roberts-Turner, Desiree Major-Williams, Dennis Major, Zephenia Dean (deceased), Zeframe Dean-Stalup, Cecilia Gibson-Woodside, Renae, Jennifer, Tamisha Gibson, Anika Gibson-Waugh Cain, Tiffany, Tamara Gibson, Leiksha Brown-McKay, Andrewnik, Andrell Gibson, Akela Kemp, Kristel, Shandequa Gibson, Sherrel Johnson-Williams, Shereen Johnson-Pitter, Sharona Johnson-Richards, Tennequa Cargill-Spence, Daniel Mannings, Theora Reverity, Kenria Reverity-Cargill, Kendra Miller. Nephew’s: Deon Moss, Christoph Roberts, Yuri Kemp, Eugene (Fly), Panston (Goat), Bernard (Penner), Kendall (Russ) Gibson, Eugene Strachan, Desmond Eugene, Elliott, Deon Gibson (Tampa, Florida) ), Andrew Jr., Ansenio Gibson, Angelo Carey, Troy Thompson, Hallam Gibson Jr., Timothy Tinker, Alistair, Arvin Johnson. Many other friends and relatives who have specifically mentioned PMH: Virtual Ward East, Dialysis Unit, Harrison Toote & Family, Leighton Turnquest & Family, The Hon Chester Cooper & Family

May his soul rest in peace. Kenneth Patrick Gibson Sr. – Nassau Guardian

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