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Kentucky flood deaths rise to 25

Washington: Devastating floods in Kentucky have killed 25 people and more are expected, the governor of the southern United States said Saturday as rescuers continue to search for survivors.

Torrential rain earlier this week caused unprecedented flash flooding in eastern Kentucky. This mountainous region has already been hit hard by severe poverty as the coal industry, which has been the heart of the economy, is in decline.

“Today we have some hard news to share from Eastern Kentucky, which is still in the search and rescue phase. There is,” tweeted Gov. Andy Beshear.

“Eastern Kentucky, we are going to be there for you today and for the weeks, months and years ahead. We will get through this together,” he added. rice field.

Beshear has previously said hundreds have been rescued by boat and National Guard helicopters have carried out aerial rescues of dozens since the floods began Wednesday night.

However, “there are still so many people missing that it will be difficult to get a firm count in this area,” he told CNN on Saturday.

Some areas of eastern Kentucky reported more than 8 inches (20 cm) of rain in 24 hours.

Water levels on the North Fork of the Kentucky River in Whitesburg rose to 20 feet within hours, well above the previous record of 14.7 feet.

– More rain –

The floodwaters turned many roads into rivers, and some of the low-lying houses were almost completely submerged, leaving only their roofs visible.

The weather was good on Saturday, but more rain was expected the following day.

“The region will remain predominantly dry until today as the cold front moves southward. The dry weather is expected to end on Sunday afternoon as the boundary moves northward back into the region.” , the National Weather Service’s Jackson, Kentucky office tweeted.

Beshear told CNN that the impending rain will pose a challenge, “I don’t think it will be historic, but it will be difficult.”

Flooding in eastern Kentucky is the latest in a string of extreme weather events that scientists say are unmistakable signs of climate change.

A tornado struck western Kentucky in December 2021, killing nearly 60 people. The disaster has provided lessons for ongoing efforts on the other side of the state, Beshear said.

“We have learned many lessons from a devastating tornado in western Kentucky about seven months ago, so we are providing as much assistance as we can, and we are moving quickly from across the state. I am,” he said.

President Joe Biden issued a disaster declaration for Kentucky’s floods, allowing federal aid to complement state and local recovery efforts.

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