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Kenya’s Diaspora can now be registered from Doha to vote for the 2022 presidential election-Doha News

As of January 23, Kenyans residing in Qatar have two weeks to submit their names to the electoral list for the next presidential election.

The Kenyans move on to polls to elect a new president after the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta. Uhuru Kenyatta is not eligible to pursue the third term.

The election will be held on August 9th, as both citizens and the diaspora will register for the vote.

The Kenyan embassy in Qatar, coordinating a registration initiative that will proceed until February 6, 2022, emphasized its importance while speaking to the press this Saturday.

“I am truly grateful that Kenya’s Independent Election Boundary Commission (IEBC) has regarded Qatar as one of the few stations that Kenya’s Diaspora can register to participate in the upcoming presidential election,” Washington said. A. Ambassador Oru said. Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Kenya.

Diaspora is also allowed to vote from 11 other countries, including United Arab Emirates, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Sudan, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa.

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Registration in United Arab Emirates, Canada, UK was indefinite delay Due to COVID restrictions.

Kenyan law allows citizens to have a registration range of three times a week and diasporas to have two registrations.

In light of this call Proposals for the use of technology over encrypted platforms to facilitate the process have also been proposed, with a diaspora representative extending the deadline.

Concerns about lack of time to register

The ambassador ensured that there was an effort made by the embassy to facilitate opportunities so that the registration process would not interfere with many workers.

Registration takes place from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

“What we are currently doing here is to strengthen the continuous voter registration for a period of time so that the diaspora can register and participate in the election.

In this exercise, we will not only register new voters, but also those who want to register in Kenya and move their polling place here (Doha), “said Marjan Hussein, Executive Director and CEO of the IEBC Deputy Commission.” Says. Local source..

Marjan reaffirmed that the registration process was easy and took only 5 minutes. Residents who have voted before need only bring their national ID card or passport to complete all the steps.

IEBC has its own verification system to ensure that it is free of fraud.

Once registration is complete, the electoral list will be audited and then the list will be inspected and verified.

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