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Kerner Bonspad Buffalo-10 Well

December 31, 2021

VALARIS JU-107-Credits: Carnarvon Petroleum

Carnarvon Energy is drilling in the Buffalo 10 well in the Timor Sea as an Australian oil and gas company aims to identify enough hydrocarbons to support economic development in the closure of the Buffalo oil field in northern Australia. Announced that it has started.

The company is on Friday, Valaris JU-107 Jack up The rig drilled down a section of the upper hole to about 120 meters, following a slight delay caused by the tropical meteorological system. Current operations include the installation and joining of conductors.

Once the surface casing is cemented in place, the rig drills a 17½ “hole to a measurement depth (MD) of approximately 800 meters in the planned section, followed by setting the 13 ⅜” casing. .. Following this, the well will drill a section of 12¼ inch holes to an MD of approximately 2,800 meters before installing the 9⅝ inch casing.

Hydrocarbons are not expected to intersect in these drilling sections, according to Carnerbon.

The Buffalo field is located in a water area of ​​30 meters and has a reservoir at a depth of 3,200 to 3,300 meters from the seabed. The previous field proved the existence of a very high deliverable reservoir containing high quality gas oil that Carnerbon expects to sell to Brent at a premium in today’s market.

The Buffalo-10 well penetrated the existing oil column (because the field was still in production when closed in 2004) and of the revised mapped attic oil column, as shown in the schematic below. Evaluate the range.

(Image: Carnarvon Energy)The estimated recoverable amount of Carnerbon’s midcase is 31 million barrels (total volume, 2C accidental resource). The size of the smallest economic sector is estimated to be significantly smaller than the estimates in the middle case, and the Buffalo-10 well is likely to confirm the economic project. Therefore, Carnarvon’s drilling program stipulates that the Buffalo-10 well will be maintained as the first production well for the redevelopment program.

Carnarvon said it is working with project partner Advance Energy on plans to reduce the timeline to first production after Buffalo-10 has fully identified its commercial oil resources. These plans include working with local industries on the supply and installation of appropriate equipment to produce oil.

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