Key Findings of the Wildcat Mortality Study

A veterinarian’s investigation is now evaluating important clues that may lead to the death of Burton the wildcat, which sparked a strong reaction by animal rights groups.

Following major clinical findings from Burton’s autopsy on August 11 at the Institute of Veterinary Services in Nicosia, a blood sample from the animal underwent special histopathological examination, according to the latest Philenews sources. was taken for

In early August and after surgery, the animal appeared to be doing well at Peia Zoo, but various external factors caused a sudden change in behavior just days before the wildcat died.

On May 8, an animal attacked a 3-year-old girl, causing minor head injuries.

After this incident, the owner turned Burton over to the Limassol Zoo, after which an investigation was opened against her for importing and possessing live wild animals without the necessary license.

The wildcat was transferred to Peia Zoo on August 1, but died a week later.

Animal rights groups have lodged a complaint with Attorney General Hiorgos Savides, protesting the poor conditions in which the animals were kept with little care. Attorney General Hiorgos Savides has promised that he will investigate all evidence once the files are presented to the Justice Department. service. Key Findings of the Wildcat Mortality Study

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