Kia is reported to be using a CATL battery for its new Niro EV

Kia is a China-based CATL for a new generation of Niro electric vehicles (EVs), industry sources said, could be a starting point for Chinese battery makers to enter the Korean car manufacturing market. It is reported that it will adopt the battery cell of.

According to the report by Digital Times When Korea Daily NewsThe new Kia Niro EV is equipped with CATL’s 64.8 kWh nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) battery, making it the first EV model in South Korea to use a battery made by a Chinese manufacturer.

Until now, the Niro EV model was equipped with a SK-on battery, but it is said that the cause is a shortage of battery.

When referring to Kia’s manager, it is reported that Kia will switch to CATL batteries because it meets Kia’s internal quality standards, and Chinese manufacturers will be able to provide a stable supply of batteries. However, some industry sources believe that the motivation behind the switch is to lower costs, the report said.

Industry sources pointed out that Kia initially planned to switch from SKOn to LG Energy Solution (LGES) as the new Niro EV battery supplier. Kia said in a pre-order contract that the new Niro EV would be powered by lithium polymer batteries, but automakers eventually chose to use CATL’s lithium-ion batteries, sources said.

CATL has mainly manufactured lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries in the past, but this is the first time that manufacturers have mass-produced NCM batteries, and sources continue to say that the quality of CATL’s NCM batteries He added that safety has not yet been verified. Car maker.

In addition, both LGES and SK On manufacture NCM811 cells with increased nickel content for higher energy densities, while CATL cells are older designs with higher cobalt content and affect vehicle driving performance. May be given.

According to SNE Research data, in 2022 CATL will have a 33.7% share of the global EV battery market and LGES will be second with a 14.9% share. Two other major battery makers based in South Korea, SKOn (7%) and Samsung SDI (4%), are 5th and 7th respectively.

Chinese battery makers have difficulty entering the US market due to the ongoing trade war, but their share of the Chinese and European markets continues to grow, according to industry sources. With Tesla’s decision to use LFP in its vehicles, the market share gap between South Korea and China will continue to widen, sources added.

Market share of global EV battery manufacturers

Source: SNE Research, edited by DIGITIMES, June 2022 Kia is reported to be using a CATL battery for its new Niro EV

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