Kia Niro Hybrid arrives in Singapore

Kia Niro Hybrid arrives in Singapore

Rising COE prices have made cars very expensive these days, but that doesn’t automatically make it an unreasonable purchase. There are economical options. kia niro hybrid I insist on being one of them.

is a small crossover SUV hybrid and, importantly, it A 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine combined with a 32kW electric motorCAT A COE car with a total output of 128hp and torque of 144nm.

Niro Hybrid has Kia features Second-generation 6-speed dual-clutch transmissionInterestingly, there is no reverse gear to save a few kilos. Instead, pre-drive is provided exclusively by the electric motor.

The claimed fuel consumption figure is 4L/100km or 25km/l, very remarkable for a car of its size. It also has a fuel tank with a capacity of 45L, which means that the owner can go over 1,000km on a full tank. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to test it out soon and see how it works in the real world.

(Image source: KIa)

The interior is contemporary and looks quite elegant. Like most cars these days. The instrument cluster is digital and has a 10.25-inch screen for the car’s infotainment system. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard.

According to Kia, the Niro Hybrid has Luggage capacity of 427L with the rear seats folded downThe rear seats can be folded 60:40, and when fully folded, the luggage space is 1,434L.

Safety features include eight airbags, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Warning, and Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, which warns the driver of a potential collision with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

availability and price

(Image source: Kia)

The Quiro Niro Hybrid is currently available in two trim levels, the more basic EX and the premium SX.the price is from 153,999 Singapore dollars for EX and 168,999 Singapore dollars for SX. Prices include COE and VES rebates. Kia Niro Hybrid arrives in Singapore

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