Kim Jong Un’s daughter’s extravagant lifestyle: Luxurious mansions and underground tunnels, a sneak peek into the life of the North Korean leader’s princess

Pyongyang, November 24: The daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made her first public appearance last week after accompanying her father to oversee the launch of a “new type” of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Friday. Not much is known about her, but some North Korean analysts say her life is a lot of fun.

According to the New York Post, she lives with her family in a huge beachfront villa in Wonsan, Gangwon-do. She is believed to have two siblings of hers, one of whom is older than her. Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, was believed to have been promoted to a higher official position.

The New York Post has compared the property to Florida’s “Mar-a-Lago”, which is located on a beautiful Sea of ​​Japan beach in eastern North Korea and features swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, waterslides and a sports stadium. I have it. Video: North Korean man jumps into water to reach Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s boat.

Florida’s Mar-a-Lago is a mega resort owned by former President Donald Trump. According to North Korea, when they grow tired of Wonsan, families are scattered across the country via an elaborate underground network of tunnels and railroads to escape the prying eyes of nearby foreign intelligence satellites. It has about 15 mansions and palaces…experts.

The New York Post quotes Stinson Center nonresident fellow and North Korea expert Michael Madden. told to

“She and her siblings have nannies and housekeepers, but they often spend time with their parents. Kim Jong-un’s father was strict, but he was also very attentive to his children. As a dictator, choose how you spend your time,” he said.

On November 19, Jue watched the launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile at Pyongyang International Airport with her parents and government officials.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) released a photo of Kim holding hands with her daughter. Photos from the event showed Kim and his daughter in white jackets and red shoes, with their hair tied up and watching the launch from a distance.

“You can see a certain amount of intimacy when you look at the picture of him holding her hand, and you know that’s what she’s used to,” Madden told the New York Post. is more than just a photo shoot,” he added.

At the same time, it’s also a photoshoot, Madden explained. According to Madden’s statement to the New York Post, “North Korea likes to kill five birds with one stone with its message.”

“I think the love is real, but they’re clearly trying to make Kim Jong-un look human and as normal as possible. His father cultivated an aura of mystery. He used to say, ‘The enemy sees us.’ Look into the fog, but now they don’t want to be cryptic and seem to make Kim look like a normal family member.He represents a separation from his father.

Additionally, North Korea is trying to tell the outside world that the Kim family is firmly established as the country’s rulers, much like a monarchy, according to Madden.

“Kim Jong-un says in these photos of him with his daughter, to get used to it, because my regime isn’t going anywhere,” said Sean King, an Asia expert at Park Strategy. told the New York Post.

“The Kim regime and North Korea will stay here, and the next generation will be here. Nuclear weapons are not going anywhere.” added.

“The family lives a very exclusive and barricaded life in these palaces,” King said. A lot of it isn’t just a secret to us, it’s a secret to their own people as well.” However, according to the New York Post, Jouet and her siblings, in contrast to their father, are open to the possibility of studying abroad. is low.

At the age of 12, Kim was sent to a prestigious private school in Bern, Switzerland, during the horrific North Korean famine of 1996 that killed up to 3 million people, according to media portals. He has already gone to study. He was handed over to his aunt, posing as his mother, who eventually defected to the United States and started a dry cleaning business in Manhattan. She currently lives in upstate New York.

Kim was described by her classmates at the Liebefeld Steinholzli School as capricious and a reserved child who was fascinated by basketball, especially Michael Jordan. In addition, he loved the films of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

According to her aunt, Kim loved basketball and would sometimes sleep with it next to her bed. He wore an NBA jersey, had a large collection of expensive Nike sneakers, and wore a fashionable tracksuit, but never wore jeans because they were an abominable symbol of capitalism.

According to Madden’s statement to the Post, Joo Ae will likely not study abroad due to safety concerns, but it will give him access to the outside world in a way many North Korean youth will never have. wax.

“The North Korean elite have free access to the outside world,” Madden said. “KJU watches CNN all the time. He grew up watching The Matrix, he grew up listening to Prince and Madonna. [Ju Ae] Ensure that you can access the internet. ”

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