Kim Jong Un’s sister issues a chilling warning

North Korea opposes the war, but Kim Jong-un’s strong sister, Kim Yo-jong, said on Tuesday that South Korea would use nuclear weapons if it attacked, analysts probably aimed at South Korea’s next conservative president. I warned that.

A senior official from the government and the ruling party, Kim Yo-jong, said the recent remarks about the attack on North Korea were a “very big mistake” for the South Korean defense minister, KCNA, a state news agency, reports. rice field.

Defense Minister Seo Wook said on Friday that his army had a variety of missiles with significantly improved range, accuracy and power, “which could accurately and quickly attack any target in North Korea.”

Both Koreas have increased their military display after North Korea has tested a range of increasingly powerful missiles this year. Officials in Seoul and Washington are also worried that they may be preparing to resume testing nuclear weapons for the first time since 2017 amid stagnant negotiations.

Kim and another North Korean official issued a statement on Sunday before condemning Sue’s remarks, and if North Korea takes “dangerous military action” such as a preemptive strike, North Korea will be the main target of Seoul. Warned that it would destroy.

Kim’s criticism is likely directed at South Korean President Yoon Seok-yul, who is seeking a more muscular defense against the North Korean threat, based in the United States, which monitors North Korea38. Rachel Minyoung Lee, an analyst at the North Project, said.

“Yun’s” first strike “comment was headlined a few months ago, and Pyongyang is catching Sue’s remarks to point out the next South Korean government,” she said. “North Korea has refrained from criticizing Yun at an authoritative level, but it certainly seems to lay the foundation.”

Prime Minister Lee said North Korea has indicated that it is preparing the North Korean people for possible changes in North-South relations after Yun’s inauguration in May.

A delegation from Yun’s team was in Washington this week to meet with US officials who reiterated their commitment to protect South Korea, according to a statement from the US State Department on Tuesday.

Kim said in a statement Tuesday that he opposed the war that North Korea would ruin the peninsula and did not consider South Korea a major enemy.

“But if South Korea for some reason-whether blinded by misjudgment-or chooses a military action like the” first strike “promoted by (Seo Wook), things will change.” Kim added. “In that case, South Korea itself will be the target,” he said.

She said that if South Korean troops invaded North Korea’s territory, they would inevitably have to carry out their mission in the face of “an unimaginable horrific disaster.” The fantasy of launching a preemptive attack on a nuclear-armed country. ” Kim Jong Un’s sister issues a chilling warning

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