Kirchberg’s new refugee shelter continues to war

Construction of the European Court of Justice in Kirchberg, the capital of Luxembourg

Photo provider: Guy Jallay

Luxembourg plans to open a new temporary shelter in Kirchberg to accommodate up to 1,200 refugees. While the war in Ukraine continues, increasing numbers of applications from elsewhere are maintaining pressure to provide rooms.

The shelter is the former building of the European Court of Justice and is located on Konrad Adenauer Boulevard, the government said in a press release on Monday without mentioning the opening date.

The news came after the government moved the first arrivals from Ukraine from the Luxexpo conference center to a tent also in Kirchberg. About 500 asylum seekers will stay until their request is processed.

Luxembourg 4,000 Ukrainian asylum claims since the beginning of the war, Asselborn said a month ago. Given that the war is going on, the current numbers will be much higher.

According to the United Nations, more than 12 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine since the invasion of Russia began in late February. Half of them have left the country and the others are internally displaced persons.

The January-March figures for this year show that Luxembourg has more applications from people fleeing places such as Syria, Eritrea, Venezuela and Afghanistan, compared to a year ago when the pandemic was curbing arrivals and applications. Indicates that you have received.

Unlike other refugees, Ukrainians have direct access to the Luxembourg employment market.

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