Kiriera warns that if the MP votes against people’s wishes, it will have unfortunate consequences for the MP – Island

State of emergency:

The Srilan Cover Association (BASL) yesterday revoked the declaration of an emergency to Deputy President Ranilwicremesinge, a peaceful aspect of freedom of expression and national sovereignty, including freedom of speech and publication. Freedom of assembly is respected and protected and has not been violated by the State or its agents.

A statement released by the BASL Executive Committee said: BASL states that the State of Emergency has come into effect on 18 July 2022 and the third State of Emergency since 1 April 2022. In such cases, the state of emergency is revoked by the President before the rules are enacted under it, and in other cases the rules include some provisions that affect the fundamental rights of the people. Despite being published, the decree was not submitted to Congress and expired. The state of emergency was declared three days before Congress elected a successor to Cheong Wa Dae.

As stated in a previous statement, as a result of the state of emergency, the Acting President has the authority to create emergency rules that can invalidate, amend or suspend any provision of law except the provisions of the Constitution. Given. Urgent regulations can be used to detain a person by bypassing normal court proceedings. Urgent regulations in the past have caused a lot of abuse on the part of the authorities, which is reflected in the numerous decisions of our courts.

BASL has the view that when a presidential election is scheduled in parliament, urgent rules should not be used to curb the expression of legitimate opinions about the presidential election or to curb dissenting opinions. increase. Disagreements about a particular candidate.

BASL also states that, from a legal point of view, any attempt to unfairly affect a member of parliament or bribe a member of parliament for his vote is a specific violation under the law. Attempts to use intimidation, undue influence, coercion or bribery to influence such votes are illegal and should not be tolerated.

However, while undue influence and intimidation are prohibited, the law states that the general public is an election, the choice of a particular candidate, or a candidate for an election.

BASL firmly believes that the right to protest and disagree is an important aspect of people’s fundamental rights, including freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. BASL reiterates that it must not use the state of emergency to suppress peaceful protests or dissent, or to arbitrarily arrest or detain.

Of course, fundamental rights, including public order and morals, are subject to the restrictions set forth in Article 15 of the Constitution. However, the restrictions imposed by law must be proportional and rational. As BASL has repeatedly pointed out, when a peaceful protest becomes violent, it dilutes the purpose and purpose of the peaceful expression of the objection and strengthens the hands of those who seek to suppress the legitimate objection. Just do it. Those engaged in protests need to be very careful to ensure that such protests maintain peace, and be wary of those who attempt to cause violence or destruction during such protests. Must be.

BASL maintains the view that the state of emergency is not the answer to the country’s status quo, including a series of public protests that ultimately led to the resignation of the former president.

As mentioned earlier, BASL shall ensure to the acting president the fundamental rights of people to immediately revoke the declaration of an emergency, freedom of expression, including freedom of speech and publication, and freedom of peaceful assembly. Ask for. All aspects of popular sovereignty are respected, protected and not infringed by the State or its agents. Kiriera warns that if the MP votes against people’s wishes, it will have unfortunate consequences for the MP – Island

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