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KISR conducts project to predict the impact of gene mutations on public health

In a unique scientific precedent, the Kuwait Institute of Science has completed a research project titled “Using Artificial Intelligence to Model the Impact of Genetic Mutations on Public Health.”

Using artificial intelligence, researchers were able to predict the impact of a single genetic mutation on an organism’s overall growth, according to a local Arabic-language daily. It is characterized by a small number of genes and the possibility of manipulating and destroying them. Lab. After the initial success of this modeling, researchers were able to apply it to predict the impact of single gene mutations on the overall health of multiple organisms, including humans and fruit flies.

The most important achievements of this project are reducing the economic cost of genetic research, discovering new gene targets for diagnosing patients, and developing drugs to treat several genetic diseases. In particular, the modeling developed by researchers has the ability to predict the effects of multiple cumulative mutations affecting multiple genes simultaneously. This modeling was able to predict whether these accumulated mutations exacerbated or ameliorated the disease state. Severity. until full recovery.

The study was led by Dr. Badr Al-Enezi, a Cellular and Genetics Scientist at the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences Research. Muhammad Khaja, Ph.D., Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Systems and Software Development Division, and Saja Fakhreddin, Ph.D., Biotechnology Scientist, Bioengineering Environment and Life Sciences Research Center.

The research was funded by the United Nations Global Center for Genetic Engineering and Biological Sciences and published in the international journal Biopharmaceutical, published by the University of Oxford, UK.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/kisr-implements-project-to-predict-impact-of-genetic-mutations-on-public-health/ KISR conducts project to predict the impact of gene mutations on public health

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