Kissing at an artist’s museum raises security concerns

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has made a security arrangement at the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA) after a video of a performance artist kissing and licking part of a collection was shown at a music festival last weekend. Defended.

Originally from Durango, Pepx Romero kisses and licks several pre-Hispanic works at the Mexico City Museum in a video that is part of his “Mexique 2022” project.

Presented at the Ceremonia Music Festival, this video aims to criticize the sale of such works. French auction..

According to the narration, the works sold at the auction belonged to pre-Hispanic culture and were stolen. “”[They were] All the works, whose historical and symbolic cultural essence is immeasurable and have become the simple object of decorating living rooms and home studios, “says it.

Earlier this week, INAH said it had not approved Romero’s performance and had not submitted a request to perform it.

The Institute’s director, Diego Prieto, said Thursday that the debris was undamaged, claiming that MNA was the “safest” museum in the country, despite obvious security breaches.

“Every museum in the world has a guard on the side of each visitor. This person came to the museum with three companions. Its role warns him when a guard approaches. That was it, “he said.

” [museum] Such close-range works are incorrect, but they are possible in any museum in the world. Fortunately, in this case, the approach did not cause any damage. …We, [museum’s] “Security system,” said Prieto.

According to museum director Antonio Savoryt, Romero and his accomplice spent less than an hour at the museum on March 31st.

“The number of parts that this person touched his lips is about 30 in five rooms: Gulf, Mexica, Teotihuacan, Tortec, and Oaxaca,” Savoryt said.

He also defended the museum’s security arrangements. “Every day, there are 65 guards throughout the museum. They take care of the museum’s well-being in all areas,” Savorit said.

Social media users shared and commented on Pepx Romero’s controversial performance.

In an interview with the newspaper El UnibelRomero admitted that his performance was provocative.

“It’s a provocation that draws attention to this situation at the auction. [of pre-Hispanic artifacts],” He said.

“There was an auction this year and we couldn’t stop … French law acknowledges this disgrace … they are prostitutes our heritage in front of our noses,” said the theater. Romero, the director and founder of the music group, said.

The title of his project (meaning Mexico in French) emphasizes that Mexico is becoming a “decorative boutique for the wealthy” where you can buy pre-Hispanic pieces and decorate your home. Said that it was.

When asked if he was nervous about being detained to explain kissing and licking, given that there are laws protecting national cultural properties, the artist replied:

“These laws … believe that they prevent property damage, but that act. [I carried out] Did not do any damage. … I’m completely relaxed. “

In the report from El Unibel Kissing at an artist’s museum raises security concerns

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