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KKK celebrates Rajyotsava

Kuwait Kannada Coota, a socio-cultural association for the Karnataka people of Kuwait, celebrated Rajyotsava on November 19th through an online platform on National Formation Day due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. This program is a humble tribute to the state poet and was properly named “Karnada Shinchana-Kabina Mana”.

The night began with a spectacular welcome spectacle by members of the PR committee led by Combinor Smt. Veena Gilidar. This was followed by the national anthems of Kuwait and India. Cultural convenor, Smt. Suma Bhat welcomed prominent guests, members and viewers. The program began with a call dance that provided Sir Ganesha’s obedience, followed by lighting of the lamps by an executive committee consisting of President Shree. Vice President Shri, Levanashi Dappa Hongbari. Vikram Kunjibettu, Secretary General Dr. Yogeesha Jayaramu, and Treasurer Shri. Shreenivas Kshatriya, all accompanied by their better half. The executive committee paid a moving compliment to the late Shri Puneeth Rajkumar and screened a short video as a proof of compliment to the deceased soul. In a welcome speech, the Vice President introduced prominent guests to the event. The main guests of the event are prominent lyricists, lyricists, screenwriters, film directors, socialists, writers, novelists Dr. Nadja Baraguru Ramachandrapa, and Kannada’s famous lyricists and composers. It was the director, Dr. V. Nagendra Prasad. cinema.

The Cultural Convina introduced the team members of the Cultural Commission in an eye-catching dance sequence. The cultural program began with Jijipada, a folk song from northern Karnataka. This was followed by the energetic traditional dance Theater directed by Smt. Sangeetha Mangalgi & Smt. Swatinayak where the performers performed a popular folk dance from Northern Karnataka. The program continued with another colorful coastal folk dance from Koota’s children, well supervised by Smt. Rajeshwari Chetan and Smt. Rashmi Shiramagon. A soulful bearish sufi dance followed, played by Kouta’s energetic children and directed by Smt. Lavanya Lokesh and Smt. Mahalaxmi Shridhar Bhat. The Koota female performed a series of vibrant Kodava dances depicting the harvest festival, brilliantly directed by Smt. Sourabha Vikram. Kum. Shristy Siramagond directed a semi-classical dance depicting the Navalatri festival in Mysore, which was wonderfully performed by the girls of Coota. Smt. Suma R. Bart and Smt. Sujaya Rajesh Shetty oversaw Yakshagana, a traditional folk dance style popular in the Karnataka coastal area. This was perfectly performed by the children of the association.

The audience was treated to a series of dances directed by Smt. Sahitya Ashray and Smt. Raji Achar, a unification of diversity, played by children and members wearing a diverse array of colorful costumes that emphasize the theme. The cultural program ended with another vibrant and captivating patriotic dance directed by Smt. Bhargavi Brahma & Smt. Rakı Nayak.

The President welcomed the main guests and audience while addressing the rally. He thanked His Excellency for all the support given to the community. He also thanked all sponsors for the support given to support Koota. In memory of various prominent Kannada poets, the president emphasized the performance of Kouta’s children and members. He lists Kota’s various charitable activities, including financial support for Arna Chetana School for the Blind, Earthquake Victims, Maheshwari School for the Blind, and Charakere’s Public School, to the community during the Covid pandemic situation. Helped to expand. A video clipping of a message from the Indian Ambassador’s Excellency, a blessing and the wishes of Coota on the spot were shown to the audience. In his speech, he emphasized Coota’s contribution to the pandemic situation.

We were delighted that Chief Guest Dr. Nadja Baragul Ramachandrapa was able to address the audience and attend the event. He thanked Kuwait for his efforts in preserving and developing Kannada over the last 37 years in Kuwait. He recalled the history and contributions made by different people to the formation of Karnataka by including all Kannada-speaking regions. He emphasized the ability of Kannada to accept and adapt to other languages ​​such as English, thereby enriching the vocabulary.

The quarterly Koota in-house magazines e-Souvenir and e-Marala Mallige, composed of informative articles from members and children, have been released. The Souvenirs Committee, led by Shri Uday Vernekar, and the Marala Mallige Committee, led by Shri Rajiv Kulkarni, worked hard to publish these e-magazines on time.

Honorary guest Dr. V. Nagendra Prasad addressed the rally and thanked Koota members for their cultural program. By accepting and coexisting with other languages, he impressed the audience with the importance of developing Kannada.

Shree. Event sponsor Srinath Hebbar talked about various projects undertaken by his company, Land Trades Builders, and invited Koota members to invest in them. Shree. Naveen Kumar Ullal & Shri. Manas, who represents Tata-AIG, has introduced various insurance systems and invited members to invest. Smt. Umadevi of Maxlife Insurance also talked about the various insurance schemes available and invited all members to join.

Dr. Yogeesha Jayaramu, Koota’s secretary, thanked the prominent chief guest, other prominent guests, sponsors, committees, and everyone who contributed to the success of the program. The cultural program continued at Kavinamana, an introduction to the Kannada Jnanpith Award-winning poet. The Jnanpith Awards, organized by the Bharatiya Jnanpith-Trust in 1961, are awarded annually to authors for their significant contributions to their respective languages ​​and literature. Shree’s achievements. Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa, commonly known as KUVEMPU, Shri. Da. Ra. Bendre, Shri. Shivaram Karans, Shri. Maasti Venkatesh Iyengar, Shri. VK Gokak, Shri. UR Annam Lucy, Shri. Gilly Schkarnad and Shree. Chandrashekar Kambar was narrated in a lively manner and attracted attention among the attending audience. The children starred in the work of a prominent poet in a colorful dance sequence that everyone liked. Kavi Namana was conducted by Chiguru Balli, Koota’s program for developing Kannada among the children of the association.

The program includes Land Trades builders and developers Mangalore, ATC, Gemsil, FTEC, Oriental Restaurants, Concept General Trading, Max Life Insurance, Bader Al Sama, Barcode Gulf, Tata AIG, Kuwait India Exchange Company, UAE Exchange, Sponsored by United Business Group. , Karnataka Bank and Namma Radio.

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